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Coffee is the real reason the enlightenment came about.

The coffeehouse idea is a great idea, but to me it does not explain fully how the enlightenment came about. I believe that the coffee itself is what created the freethinkers by speeding up their minds and making them more innovative. After a cup of coffee I feel as if I can do anything, and it has nothing to do with the environment that I am in that spawns new ideas.

  • Nov 16 2013: Caffeine, or not. Enlightenments, on any scale, are always preceded by darkness. Look around at the nation. Look around at the world. It is quite dark. I think it will grow darker before we start fumbling for the switch. To be sure, the choice is and has always been ours. Drank up. French roast for me. :-)
  • Nov 18 2013: I think any "watering hole" where the community gathers and discussions on any topic can occur. Spent time in Northern Ireland and the local pub was the "coffee shop".
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    Nov 17 2013: I think all the things that bring you good feelings are the possible reason your enlightenment came about. Now for me, I'm tired,so sleeping is the possible enlightenment.:)
  • Nov 17 2013: This is a plus. But don't forget all the surplus people who died during the Black Death The greater wealth held by average people. etc. etc.
  • Nov 17 2013: Of course it was.
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    Nov 17 2013: You got it all wrong. It's not the coffee but the wine !!
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    Nov 16 2013: lol Iike it, novel theory, maybe put it in the next issue of the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy :)
  • Nov 16 2013: How about tea? Is it also another reason the enlightenment came about in a teahouse 1800 years ago..
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    Nov 15 2013: They didn't have coffee in Athens.