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Have women broken the 'Glass ceiling'?

In all areas of society gender equality has become the norm. Gender equality implies that men and women should receive equal treatment. I think women have hit the glass ceiling but have not completely broken it down.
The movement towards Gender equality began in the early 19th century-The suffragette movement. This allowed women to vote and hold elected office. After the world war 2, the second wave of feminism began. This was known as the women's liberation movement. It argued for social and legal reforms for women and was concerned with equal pay , equal education opportunities, free contraception and abortion. These demands were met by the beginning of the 21'st century and the situation of women improved tremendously.
Britain has an equal pay act and sex discrimination act. Also, there are currently nineteen female heads of state. But still, women are not considered equal- a fact is that they are paid 15 percent less than men. The glass ceiling is what separates women from reaching equality. Although i think it is a matter of time in them breaking it.
Please share your thoughts.


Closing Statement from Eeman Haider

Thankyou all for your comments!
I think gender equality is very important in order to build social cohesion. Around the globe, gender equality has made huge strides over the last few decades. This includes South Africa. However, we still suffer from some very strong and outdated attitudes towards differences in genders and the rights of men and women.
In my opinion in order to achieve gender equality, there must be an increase in literacy rates among women. And also by
promoting women’s political rights and participation.
We cannot claim social cohesion if women cannot move around freely or when girls cannot complete their education because of cultural restrictions or pregnancy.
I think that there should be a change in the concept that 'men are naturally more superior to women'.
This topic remains a debate around the world till now and there is no proper answer as to women reaching equality or not. But i truly hope for this discrimination to be ended for a more stable society.
Thanks again!

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  • Nov 15 2013: I believe women are still held back by motherhood. There is not enough law present that allows women to perform the crucial job of motherhood while being allowed to pursue her career as well. As long as women are limited by this it will always be hard for them to reach equality. And I am not saying motherhood is bad. It is the lost important job in any society, but it requires so much effort that women cannot perform two jobs at once without government assistance or understanding from their employers.
    • Nov 15 2013: I totally agree with you Stephen. Even when women take maternity leave, they come back to work and their peers have gotten promotions and this results in them lacking in their field.
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      Nov 15 2013: and how would you change that situation? be specific.

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