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Which application of drones excites or terrifies you the most?

We're dedicating this week on TED.com to the buzz about autonomous drones, with their tremendous power to assist us and their entirely lethal power to harm us.

Throughout Drone Week, we're hoping to give a nuanced picture of the current state of intelligent machines. Looking to experts in the field for their hopes and fears, as well as their hard data, we're taking a look at what the future may bring.

We're also asking the broader TED Community to weigh in. Are drones on your mind? In what capacity? Are you more excited about their research and rescue capabilities or more terrified by their potential for strikes and surveillance? What about drones has truly sparked your imagination?


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  • Nov 22 2013: I believe it was put best in Michael Crichton's book about technology being used without any sort of disclipline being necessary. These drones will be used for nefarious purposes, history has taught us that. While we in the U.S. tend to think that our "leaders" would never do that, we are being naive. I forsee a world where you are watched from the moment you leave your house, a very scary thought.

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