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Which application of drones excites or terrifies you the most?

We're dedicating this week on TED.com to the buzz about autonomous drones, with their tremendous power to assist us and their entirely lethal power to harm us.

Throughout Drone Week, we're hoping to give a nuanced picture of the current state of intelligent machines. Looking to experts in the field for their hopes and fears, as well as their hard data, we're taking a look at what the future may bring.

We're also asking the broader TED Community to weigh in. Are drones on your mind? In what capacity? Are you more excited about their research and rescue capabilities or more terrified by their potential for strikes and surveillance? What about drones has truly sparked your imagination?


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    Nov 21 2013: Like an old Saying of coin's two side, Drones too have their own perspective. And this Perspective it totally depends on the people creating it and their intentions.
    Till now what we've seen or heard, the majority is of Drones being use an a weapons, but why aren't they are more being used in a constructive way.
    I mean just think about the revolution it can bring the field of medical science, or in Construction, or in space development or in our day to day life.

    In my view only the most constructive approach of Drones are done in Space research and the most worst and fearful are in war.
    People may Justify the used of Drones in war but that totally the perspective of vision.
    my vision loves to see drone in more constructive work and much importantly in peaceful works.

    And if you say that Drones shows the power or supremacy, even in that case I'd like to follow Charlie Chaplin
    Who said " We only need power to do wrong, else Love is Enough to do right".

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