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Which application of drones excites or terrifies you the most?

We're dedicating this week on TED.com to the buzz about autonomous drones, with their tremendous power to assist us and their entirely lethal power to harm us.

Throughout Drone Week, we're hoping to give a nuanced picture of the current state of intelligent machines. Looking to experts in the field for their hopes and fears, as well as their hard data, we're taking a look at what the future may bring.

We're also asking the broader TED Community to weigh in. Are drones on your mind? In what capacity? Are you more excited about their research and rescue capabilities or more terrified by their potential for strikes and surveillance? What about drones has truly sparked your imagination?


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    Nov 18 2013: Drones are not more on my mind than nuclear warheads. We know that both exist, but the likelihood of being a target is not very high, unless you call yourself an Al Queda member, Taliban or something similar.
    On the other hand, I can imagine a lot of useful applications for drones such as research of areas that are difficult to access. I just read that drones were used to check on the damage created by Typhoon Haiyan.
    • Nov 19 2013: Could you please provide the evidence that backs your contention that drones can only be put to military use?
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        Nov 19 2013: What do you mean ? Did I say they only can be used for military purpose ? Or do you consider a typhoon a military event ?
    • Nov 20 2013: So in other words, you don't care as long as you are not the target. Well... At least you are honest about it. Unfortunately, that is probably the way most people think.
      • Nov 20 2013: The same argument could be made regarding police forces or building safety inspectors...
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        Nov 20 2013: I suppose it's a question of priorities. It's normal that you care more for something that is more likely to have an impact on you and your life than something that has not.

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