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Which application of drones excites or terrifies you the most?

We're dedicating this week on TED.com to the buzz about autonomous drones, with their tremendous power to assist us and their entirely lethal power to harm us.

Throughout Drone Week, we're hoping to give a nuanced picture of the current state of intelligent machines. Looking to experts in the field for their hopes and fears, as well as their hard data, we're taking a look at what the future may bring.

We're also asking the broader TED Community to weigh in. Are drones on your mind? In what capacity? Are you more excited about their research and rescue capabilities or more terrified by their potential for strikes and surveillance? What about drones has truly sparked your imagination?


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    Nov 19 2013: Love em or hate em, drones are here and they are cheap.
    I would be excited if drones marked the point in time that everyone stopped caring about who is watching them. Is it possible for everyone to get past the fact that all actions outdoors are no longer private?
    If a drone was hovering over me when I woke up one day, that would terrify me.
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        Nov 20 2013: In the biking video, what amazes me is people, not the technology. I will believe in artificial intelligence when they create a robot to ride a bike like this... and would, actually, come up with this crazy idea on its own.
        • Nov 20 2013: but if it weren't for the technology, you would not see the people in action in this way to be impressed by...
      • Nov 20 2013: Thanks for the video link to your work, Keith! For me, this is one of the best use of drones... creative views into places otherwise inaccessible, or too expensive..... these shots in the past required an actual helicopter with pilot, yes? Now with high tech cams in small packages, cheap drones.... access is going to explode. Both good and bad to this, humans after all, of course...

        Loved the film, will definitely watch more! How do you see this being used commercially? or by everyday folks filming their vacations, etc?
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          Nov 20 2013: Re: " but if it weren't for the technology, you would not see the people in action in this way to be impressed by..."

          Good point. Excitement seems to be a goal for itself - like life or existence. We can say, we are excited about doing crazy things, or we can say we are excited about technology allowing us to do these things. But really, aren't we just excited about being excited? That's all there seems to be. No explanation is possible or necessary.

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