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Does TED consider ANY libertarian idea to be worth spreading, or only left-leaning ones?

I am a VP of an elearning software company and have been a viewer of many topics on TED for several years. I go here to find great talks from people I know that have been inspirational. I am a big admirer of Salman Khan. I was browsing your site and I figured, for sure, you would have Dr. Ben Carson. He is well thought of by nearly everyone I know on both sides of the aisle. But not a single one of his inspirational speeches are anywhere to be found on your site. And then it hit me that you might filter out people that might be inspirational because of their point of view. Is this true, because that would truly be uninspiring. I believe that if an idea is good and has merit, it will stand on its own. I think we need to move beyond division to really solve problems.


Closing Statement from Kirk Berry

It's great to know that there are other libertarians watching TED talks. I wasn't trying to inject politics, but was frustrated when searching the site and finding oodles of speakers promoting "progressive" ideas and I couldn't find a single conservative or libertarian viewpoint on the entire site. Again, I don't usually go to TED for political stories. I love the science and technology talks. I was just surprised to see a total lack of political diversity.
(also several seemed confused over "left leaning ones"... i meant "left-leaning ideas" - not "left leaning libertarians" )

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    Nov 14 2013: Kirk, could you explain or give me a link that will help me understand what you mean by "left-leaning libertarian?
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      Nov 14 2013: i don't think he talks about left leaning libertarians. he talks about left leaning ideas.
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        Nov 14 2013: Oh, I misunderstood. Thank you.

        Could you identify for Kirk some talks you would consider to represent a conservative viewpoint or a viewpoint consistent with libertarian thinking?

        I know Pat's favorite is the 6 Killer Apps of Prosperity.
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          Nov 15 2013: i know only that too, plus maybe, if you really push it, the talk by matt ridley. not libertarian per se, but provides knowledge that is necessary for a free society. maybe clay shirky, institution vs collaboration. also not to the core, but touches some aspects. then there is jacqueline novogratz in similar terms. but none of these present the idea of libertarianism as a concept. they probably aren't even libertarians, they just should be.

          ps: sugata mitra too

          ps2: rutan

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