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why our universe has laws of physics?

is it possible a law without any lawyer?
who is lawyer of laws of physics?

Stephen Hawking:
"God did not create the universe and the “Big Bang” was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics"

the Bib Bang is based on assuming laws of physics

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  • Jun 4 2011: Your answer is ME. I AM THE LAWYER OF THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.
    Prove me wrong.
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      E G 10+

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      Jun 5 2011: prove yourself correct
      • Jun 11 2011: You prove me wrong mate. God did never prove himself correct, nor should I.
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          E G 10+

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          Jun 11 2011: He did and more than that you are who you are ............
        • Jun 18 2011: "God did never prove himself correct, nor should I."
          God proved by Koran
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          Jun 18 2011: I'm going to write a book that says that Naeim is the almighty. Will that be proof enough? I'm going to write a lot of ambiguous passages. Those that seem to agree with the science in 50 years I'll claim to be miracles and the others I'll just the say the science is probably wrong.
        • Jun 19 2011: if your books are so magic so please write a book that I am bill gates.
          If I became bill gates by your book I promise to pay you 1 Billion$ as reward.
          any book of any human has errors and conflicts.
          so what after 50 years?
          are you sure your book will remain miracle after 1000 years? and will not have any scientific error?
      Prove me wrong."
      so please change law of gravity and say to an apple go up from tree.
      only one apple is enough to we accept you are lawyer.

      perhaps what you heard is other thing:
      two philosopher were talking. one asked other:
      ca you prove where is center of universe?
      other said:
      its right here. disprove it.
      • Jun 11 2011: Why should I do that? I don't get commands from you. I do whatever I wish. Sounds familiar?
        • Jun 18 2011: because you claimed:

          "I do whatever I wish."
          if God exist, God do with you whatever wish before and after your death.
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        Jun 18 2011: S.R., this is brilliant, you're asking Naeim to prove himself in the exact same way as we ask God or Allah to prove himself. But each time we are met with the scorn of believers who say "why does God need to prove himself to you?". As a believer in Naiem I say to you why does he have to prove himself to you mere mortal?
        • Jun 19 2011: Allah proved himself for people at time of prophets by showing many miracles. for example Moses (PBUH) made bird with mud and made it alive.
          and Koran is for our time.
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        Jun 18 2011: Your two philosophers aren't up to date with the science. There is no center to the universe.
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          Jun 18 2011: Matthieu............Do you believe that the universe is infinite ? Is that your reason ?
        • Jun 19 2011: what is proof that universe has no center?
          human does not know the dimensions and boundaries of universe. then how know about its center?
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        Jun 19 2011: No the universe isn't infinite.
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      Jul 16 2011: Your existence is finite. Your authority is material.

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