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Should we teach copyright laws to children? Do you think that would succeed as a piracy-fighting plan?

Teaching Copyright Laws to Little Kids
Doing that could backfire since there is a general consensus that copyright laws are crazy and deceptive.
Why MPAA is backing anti-piracy curriculum for elementary school students:
'Groups representing Hollywood studios, music labels and Internet service providers are supporting a push to educate elementary school students about the evils of piracy and the value of copyrights...'


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    Nov 15 2013: When I was going through my rebellious stage the more I knew about a certain law the easier I could break it without getting caught. Not sure if this applies to everyone but I know quite a few that it does.
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      Nov 15 2013: lol I'm imagining all those kids learning copyright laws.
      Be sure it applies to multiple others Chris. Crime writers of police procedural might not
      be breaking laws in real life but they sure know by details if they decide to :-D
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        Nov 15 2013: Hahaha, glad to know I am not the only "hardened criminal" out there. I have a friend who was an amateur computer hacker and pirate who now works IT, so even if they do get better at breaking those laws like I did it could turn out for the best.
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          Nov 15 2013: Again, 'there's one in every crowd' (hackers and pirates).
          But we shouldn't promote law breaking here or TED might ban us :-D

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