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Should we teach copyright laws to children? Do you think that would succeed as a piracy-fighting plan?

Teaching Copyright Laws to Little Kids
Doing that could backfire since there is a general consensus that copyright laws are crazy and deceptive.
Why MPAA is backing anti-piracy curriculum for elementary school students:
'Groups representing Hollywood studios, music labels and Internet service providers are supporting a push to educate elementary school students about the evils of piracy and the value of copyrights...'

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    Nov 17 2013: we should be teaching them that the concept of intellectual property is fundamentally wrong.

    i always wonder why mcdonalds has the IP rights to their logos and trade marks but take no responsibility for the waste their packaging creates once it passes beyond their doors. some serious holes in modern producer/consumer laws..
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      Nov 17 2013: Great suggestion Scott. McDonalds is a saint compared to Monsanto.
      Monsanto is poisoning us all yet only a few governments fight the evil firm.
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        Nov 17 2013: i just find so many flaws and hypocrisies in the way private corporations are allowed to operate while the humble tax-payer (ie slave) is left to foot the bill.

        the times are a-changing, though, and I wouldn't want to be in their shoes when the proverbial hits the fan..
  • Nov 25 2013: Theft of intellectual property in the sciences is called plagiarism. Einstein believed in the theft of intellectual property as the most identifiable plagiarist of the 20th Century. So if you believe in the theft of intellectual property, you are in good company!

    Most scientist relish going where "no one has gone before". If you get there and your ideas are stolen, you get no credit, no stature in the field and you don't get funding. Destroy intellectual property through plagiarism and the trust scientists have for their peers is diminished, they will share less due to fear of theft and this will have a chilling effect on science. There is nothing prized more as coin of the realm in science as stature in a field; take that away through plagiarism and you will drive many scientists out of the discipline which will be viewed not as a "noble" endeavor, but just as a job.
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      Nov 25 2013: 'There is nothing prized more as coin of the realm in science as stature in a field; take that away through plagiarism and you will drive many scientists out of the discipline which will be viewed not as a "noble" endeavor, but just as a job.'

      That will surely hurt noble scientists who are not merely workers but have some rare ideas to give the
      world. Plagiarism in scientific journals continues to be a viral issue. More and more scientists are
      complaining about it and I say it should be considered a major crime. It's high time something stops it.
      Thank you Richard.
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    Nov 17 2013: I have long advocated teaching the principles of Law to students and scaling that knowledge to them throughout their whole educational process. It is only by understanding why laws exist and how they impact our lives can we finally avoid the sort of problems that others have been identifying in this discussion.

    Knowledge is empowerment and we, the citizenry, must have direct input into any law that impacts our lives. And all laws impact our lives at some time or another. To paraphrase an old saying.... there is no legal problem without first a law to define it as such.
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      Nov 17 2013: Great William. Thank you for explaining the importance of knowing laws.
      I myself take time to study every law that could affect me and innocent citizens.
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    Nov 16 2013: Intellectual rights, piracy, and all of the other areas that they want to teach to kids are for the sole purpose of ensuring they get their money ... period.

    Kids are big money. They buy the sound tracks, dolls, t-shirts, lunchboxes, backpacks, lamps, candy with the name on it, etc ... and the younger ones tell their parents what they want. At the elementary age they are spending allowance or parents buy it ... I'm guessing there is not a lot of piracy from those less than 12..

    So the logic is to indoctrinate the very young. The element that does these things are not overly concerned with the law or rules. The money spent on enforcement would be better put into a safeguard being implemented into the disc.

    Some do it to prove they can, some do it for fun, some do it for profit .... but they will continue. The Bible speaks of murders, drunks, thieves, prostitutes ... they are still with us. Parents, schools, churches, etc ... all teach us those are wrong actions ... yet they prevail.

    No I think not. Develop technology to resolve the issue.

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      Nov 16 2013: 'Develop technology to resolve the issue.'

      Lejan made a suggestion about that and I agree with it.
      You will probably agree with it too Bob.
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        Nov 16 2013: Yeah ... the common good .... the people who do this are interested in their good and to heck with the rest of us.

        I think it would be nice to make school fun ... make learning fun ... let kids be kids a while longer before we start to exploit and use them for political, personal, and financial gain.

        Just a thought. ..... Bob.
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          Nov 16 2013: Ahh... I didn't pay attention to that part of Lejan's suggestion. I concentrated on
          the first half:

          'What we should teach our children is to sense and debunk those modern agendas...'
          I am an activist so I'm also as suspicious as you when it comes to people who are
          interested in their own good.

          I definitely agree with you on letting the kids be kids a while longer because I lost
          most of my childhood due to various circumstances.

          You are frank but the likeable kind Bob :-) Thanks.
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        Nov 16 2013: Wait until you are 70 like me ... you can start your childhood all over again

        Frank Bob .... sounds southern

        Thanks for the reply. Bob.
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          Nov 16 2013: laughs... I wish it would start now in my 50s.
          I'm not even a southern Filipino Bob. I'm in metro Manila.
          I should thank you sir. poch
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    Nov 15 2013: When I was going through my rebellious stage the more I knew about a certain law the easier I could break it without getting caught. Not sure if this applies to everyone but I know quite a few that it does.
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      Nov 15 2013: lol I'm imagining all those kids learning copyright laws.
      Be sure it applies to multiple others Chris. Crime writers of police procedural might not
      be breaking laws in real life but they sure know by details if they decide to :-D
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        Nov 15 2013: Hahaha, glad to know I am not the only "hardened criminal" out there. I have a friend who was an amateur computer hacker and pirate who now works IT, so even if they do get better at breaking those laws like I did it could turn out for the best.
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          Nov 15 2013: Again, 'there's one in every crowd' (hackers and pirates).
          But we shouldn't promote law breaking here or TED might ban us :-D
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    Nov 13 2013: People I know who buy CDs and DVDs are also pirates. When they DO buy something, it's for a reason completely different from ethics or fear of judicial punishment.
    No one should pay for Man of Steel, because it is a joke and jokes should be shared.
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      Nov 14 2013: 'No one should pay for Man of Steel, because it is a joke and jokes should be shared.'

      Now that is a funny but solid argument Gerald! Thanks for it.
  • Dec 12 2013: Should we teach copyright laws to children?

    That's amusing.... You see that boat sailed long ago.....and it went far far away into a distant galaxy.
  • Dec 3 2013: Yes, I agree with you. We should teach our kids that "cheating" is wrong. We should let them know that plagiarism is wrong, and they should be a creative person, a leader not a cheater.
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      Dec 3 2013: They don't have to be creative (it's mostly a talent) not to
      cheat Taji. The least they could do is ask permission to
      copy and most creators are willing to do that. Like me, all
      we ask is attribution. Thanks for agreeing Taji.
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    Nov 17 2013: No copyright is completely wrong, we stand infront of this huge technology that suddenly allowes us to reproduce usefull applications / worth out of nothing but the energy required to rearrange a few bits worth of data... we should make use of it. Copy what you can guys!
    And we should in no way pay people for the product but pay them to create the product so everyone can make use of it.

    Not everyone can make use of a single chair right at the same time? But everyone could make use of data at the same time... lets get over this intellectual property, things without physical value (by physical value i mean things like a chair) could never be contained and thats what made us as humans progress, learn and understand faster then any other race, because the basic trick to humans as a species is the fact we can communicate information with an efficiency which no other species is able o, lets not try contain that information but support people who create it so EVERYONE can progress.

    Change the businessmodel, let people fund companys they trust will create great value for everyone, but not charge people to use the final product thats idiocy at its fines... BULLSHIT.

    Besides when you go out on the street and ask around why people buy the cd of an artist, youll not hear inorder to listen to his music but "inorder to support the artist"... because they want him to keep making music e.g. produce many more songs they can listen to in the future. -THATS THE POINT, those people got it even though they didnt abstract it as i did here.

    Oh and btw i dont see people who want to record 2 or 3 songs and be millionaires as artists, as such i dont support them in their doings, if your an artist you will be happy aslong as you can make your music and live a good life and thats perfectly possible and reasonable if you like what you do! Small artists wont die because they are seen as people and as such will always find support from their fans.
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      Nov 17 2013: 'Copy what you can guys!'

      The only thing that prevents me from totally doing that is when there's a
      clear copyright warning from the webpage :-) I'm reminded of AP's selfishness.
      If Reuters doesn't forbid copying from them, why is AP forbidding? Thanks Max.
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      Nov 25 2013: Hey Max, As a musician, and an electronic musician at that, I have to admit I see both sides of the argument. I give plenty of my music away. You can pretty much download any score I have ever digitized for free at Scribd and the Petrucci Library, and the majority of my music is online somewhere, either because I am selling it or because someone stole it and they are setting up as a free download. Or maybe I set it up as a free download and then someone else sets it up as such, and away we go! Fine with me, thousands of folks, maybe even a million by now, have accessed my music and writing (I write about music, go figure).

      I do have to argue against the notion that those that try to make money with their music aren't real artists, though (and we are excluding the Miley Cyrus variety...that's a whole different animal). I'm talking about your average musician, of which I personally know hundreds. I mean, we don't expect a surgeon or an engineer or a teacher or even a taxi driver to work for free, right? I mean, anyone can drive a car, so anyone can be a taxi driver. So taxi drivers should just be happy that someone is willing to LET them drive them around for free, right? Or maybe we just discard all the training a dentist has, teach someone how to do a basic cleaning without going to school, doesn't look that difficult right, I mean, really, it's gross, but how hard can it possibly be to wash out someone's mouth and notice that they haven't brushed in a decade? So the dentist should be happy that anyone is just willing to have them look in their mouth...?

      Anyway, you see where I am getting, I hope. So yeah, I like the open source thing, and people have at it at my music, they do anyway, but don't expect that artists have a lower economic standard than doctors or teachers or taxi drivers. We eat too. Just a thought next time you rip away. :)
  • Nov 17 2013: Do you want to make children into bureaucrats so early in life? Let them enjoy childhood for sanity's sake.
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      Nov 17 2013: Mr Winner and I had a light but serious chat about this. Thanks Entropy.
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    Nov 16 2013: teach what? that taking a part of a movie, making something out of it, and putting it on youtube is immoral?

    here is my recipe to make a terrible adult:

    1. lie to children
    2. punish them for lying

    teaching IP falls to that category.
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    Nov 14 2013: Copyright Laws as well as its new ridiculous sibling 'intellectual Property Rights' have been distorted beyond recognition and does not serve its original purpose anymore.

    What we should teach our children is to sense and debunk those modern agendas to find their ways back to the idea of the common good, which serves them all.
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      Nov 14 2013: Excellent suggestion Lejan. But let's hope the children do not become rebels
      when they learn there is corruption behind copyright laws.