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The ability for teenagers to comprehend and to reciprocate complex ideas as shown by the effect of TED Talks.

TED Talks: 18 minutes of smart individuals with a clear articulate message. They are further surrounded by equally smart and curious people who are there to hear about new social experiments, debates and controversies.
Where are the teenagers? Aren't they on their BBM messaging or facebook or watching TV shows like Gossip Girl which revolves around the drama amongst Upper East siders?
Yes they are. They're there because to them it seems like the OK thing to do - it's natural, it's NOT boring.

TED Talks are far from boring. This can be supported by having observed an average American highschool class in Dubai, U.A.E. sitting through a compulsory Theory of Knowledge class. It is time consuming and tedious, nevertheless you must attend if you want your diploma.
I have never walked out of a class and heard all four corners of the cafeteria buzzing about Sir Ken Robinson's talk on education. I was shocked and surprised that 20 minutes had the ability to cause my peers to think so hard.

As one of these often misjudged teenagers - I think one should not make the mistake of undermining or estimating the ability of the youth to "understand". Perhaps, we even understand better than adults in some ways. We identified with Sir Robinson in that very moment, not only as academics but as people going through the motions. For the first time in that awfully boring class, each students hand went up in order to get a chance to speak and to further UNDERSTAND.

I have become a frequent visitor to the TED website and not only do I feel good about being able to understand these concepts, but I feel better prepared for university.
TED Talks in concept has the ability to reach far into the future and help "mould" the minds that will deal with tomorrows problems and provide tomorrows solutions.

As an average, no faced teenager, I can vouch for the idea that being exposed to such debates and discussions, makes us want to get further educated and further contribute to this worthy cause.