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We have a non-viable, unsustainable societal system, leading us to non-viability as a thinking specie.

As corroborated by our failure to solve even one of our basic societal problems. And the fact it requires human action inconsistent with the laws of nature under which we evolved as a thinking specie.

Is this our destiny as a thinking specie? As individual thinking beings. With differing physiological profiles,differing hopes and dreams for life. Differing abilities to implement and realize these hopes and dreams. Further, this is a dynamic process, constantly changing throughout life, ending only at death. It is the essence of individual thinking life.

Yet we have created a system which says this is not allowed. That there will be unnatural (political) laws requiring us to do things, many of which may be irrational and immoral. And preventing us from doing other things, which may be rational and moral.

Studies at the "Yale Baby School" show that young children are basically altruistic. That they want to help others, but to not necessarily interfere in their lives. Yet we learn from parents and in school, from history, that it is acceptable to have control over the lives and property of others. That interference in the life of others, control of the lives and property of others, is "the way". That this is what the great "heroes" and "leaders" in life do.

It creates a world of nitpickers. Those who have an idea of how other should behave, and wish to impose this idea on all. To pass unnatural laws to this effect, to require behavior through the political police. To maintain order in society, to provide everyone with what they want and should have in life.

Yet the opposite occurs, as individual seek to implement their own hopes and dreams for life. And do unpredictable things, creating "disorder"' in society.

The end result is ever-more laws, requiring or preventing things. The end result must be that all human action will eventually be required or prohibited. No thinking required, not allowed.

  • Nov 23 2013: Capitalism needs to evolve to supply us our common needs. This can be achieved by the growth of the social business sector. This sector can facilitate our natural altruistic tendency which has been dulled by the current all out competitive way of life of the market system. Its win or starve out there at the moment.

    The social business sector encourages sustainable consumption, fair trade, encourages cooperation. The disorder you allude to requiring more laws to offset may dissipate as a culture of cooperation takes hold - replacing the culture of competition. Within a cooperative culture individual choices shall culturally lean towards a cooperative accommodation, reducing requirement for ever more laws.

    I have written an essay on how the emergence of a social business economy can go mainstream. see the essay is on the loftily titled page 'world peace anyone'.
  • Nov 16 2013: There is a factor that complicates the understanding of how the human beings desenvolve in the planet... we are eight thousand million person, and the society in which we are immersed treats each individual as part of a ...

    Sorry mates I am going to continue in spanish, my mother language...
    Lo siento he de seguir en Español porque con mi expresión en inglés no estoy seguro de expresarme correctamente...

    Decía que hay un factor que complica la comprensión del cómo se relaciona el ser humano con el planeta...
    Y es que somo ocho mil millones de personas, que la sociedad en la que vivimos trata a cada individuo como parte de un rebaño al que hay que mantener manso y embrutecido. Desde la ilusoria revolución francesa hasta nuestros días el cambio de poderes no ha hecho mas que ir corrompiendo la palabra politica y el ideal de democracia, cubriendolos de tanta desilusión, evidenciando tanta injusticia y creando cada vez un mayor desequilibrio entre las clases pudientes y las menos afortunadas: (a la que pertenecemos ese 99% que acudimos cada cierto numero de años a las urnas para la dar validez con nuestros votos a la farsa a las que nos tiene sometido ese 1% que gobierna desde las sombras).
    Es necesaria una nueva revolución apoyada por las nuevas tecnologías para derrumbar el sistema de valores basados en el capitalismo consumista que otorga poder al dinero por encima del bienestar de la especie humana, del planeta su flora y su fauna, del medio ambiente y del individuo tal y como fue descrito en la declaración de los derechos humanos.

    No me explayo más aunque hay tema para hacerlo, sólo lanzo a través de mis palabras una pequeña idea llena de esperanzas de cambio que equilibre lo justo la balanza para devolverle al ser humano la dignidad arrebatada por el capitalismo irracional.

    Una app para el movil que sustituya a los diputados que representan la voluntad popular para decidir por ellos ante el congreso y permita a cada uno desde su movil tomar decisiones.
  • Nov 13 2013: humans are thinking species,that's exactly right.But what direction humans are thinking to,it is the most important.People expect equality,justness,democracy...we are educated so,and we most of people expect so,but why can't our societies don't go to what we want?Infact,people are talking not really what they meant...what barriers preventing people to do what they expect for?
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    Nov 12 2013: There is a part in the film " The invention of lying" where a crazy guy is taking his clothes off and saying " Why all this concrete, we are just animals" I have similar trains of thought as you sometimes, insights with absolute clarity into the human condition.All I would say to you is, you are not the only one who thinks like that and their are millions of us who do. To ask the question "why" Is the natural consequence of our intelligence that in turn is the product of a natural process evolution, don't forget that your intelligence can not, and never will separate you from nature and that ultimately all of our fates are bound by the same rules.
  • Nov 12 2013: If you've got a better alternative, lets hear it.

    Because looking at the current existing alternative, the state of nature, life is a short and miserable affair.
    Hunting and gathering sounds nice and natural right up until you're reminded you don't get to enjoy things like an abundance of food, medicine, sewage, never mind outright luxuries like electric power. Or being able to go to sleep without wondering if someone will slit your throat at night; babies may be naturally altruistic, but that doesn't last with age.

    Have a look at this talk, you may find it interesting: