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Novel PTSD/Trauma Memory Retrieval Entry point

Firstly Correct me if the technique is already used. I propose using music and childhood TV programme's as a trigger/ entry point during trauma and PTSD counseling. I find that both trigger memories in me and others, and that it would be ideal to explore the profound psychological attachment and relevant memories that are associated with the memories of music and child hood TV programming. I think we all retain those memories in a much more vivid way, and that they could be used as a gentle entry point in the conversation to explore that time and timeline in the patients life.


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  • Nov 18 2013: Music and childhood TV programs can trigger memory recalls for sure. I've heard a lot about smell being one of if not, the sense most tied to long-term memory. There's been a bit of research on it that a simple online search will pull up.
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      Nov 18 2013: Have you got a link that pre dates my idea post, that details the specific technique of using childhood tv programming to retrieve memories in trauma patients?

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