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Program Coordinator, New Era Teacher Training Centre

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Schooling must develop in the students the capabilities required for being engaged in a life-long process of learning.

We are at a very critical juncture in history. We have resources available to us unimaginable in the past- financial resources, knowledge, technology, human resources, wealth of experience etc. We are also facing crisis very unique to our age. Everything we thought we knew about ourselves and our universe is constantly evolving and/or changing.

The most important role schools can play now is to prepare individuals who know how to learn and who take ownership of their own learning and development of the society around them. The schools themselves need to be in the process of constant learning and they also need to learn to create environment where individuals can learn to learn- both individually and collectively.

The question to ask ourselves are: what changes are required in the structure of schools? How can schools start focusing more on capacity building rather than information accumulation? What kind of environment encourages ownership in learning? How can schools be themselves involved in learning?


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  • Nov 13 2013: The rabbit saw the certificate, he at once ran out of the scene to save his life.And during the process of giving and taking the certificate the busy wolf could not notice what had happened.

    The hungry wolf again went to the lion and narrated the whole incidence and asked him "How do you prey your food?","What do you do when certificate is demanded?

    The lion said "When I pounce on my prey with my paws fiercely, that is the proof itself that I am lion"."My Action itself is the certificate of myself"
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      Nov 13 2013: I completely agree with you that degrees and certificates have become much more important than learning. Could you please elaborate on what this story conveys?

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