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What would be the effect on the U.S. Congress if a majority of its members would be Eagle Scouts?

Businesses, military, religious organizations all charter units of the Boy Scouts of America and for good reason.
Members of scouting groups (boys and girls and whether or not they have advanced to Eagle) have practiced and, through examinations by leaders, proved to have developed desirable character traits. They are leaders, team players and seek to bring the best to family and friends. They often excel in their school sports programs as well as studies so are well-educated and positive.
One additional factor for Eagles is that if found to be engaged in activity unbecoming they can be stripped of that title.
What organization would NOT want persons of that background in their organization?
It follows then, should we not have persons with proven character as a youth, continuing to carry that responsibility and accountability as adults as leaders of the American nation?

  • Nov 23 2013: In history nations rose and collapsed then rose again (the dynastic cycle). A study would show that there is a familiar thread about those - the reorganization and rebuilding was accomplished by a leader or group or family that drew together loyalty and assets from the region based on their strength and integrity. They began anew the system of governance basing family values, honesty and hard work as the standard. Over time successors became more lapse in governance, education and altruism then greed, societal stratification, unrepresentative government result. In the last stages corruption, polarization disables governance as a whole and the citizenry would rise, would be forced to rise, again. In China and in the monarchies of Europe the cycle settled into a pattern of about 225-300 years.
    The founding fathers of the US constitution were aware of this same history and were intent on crafting a document that would provide a means of thwarting corruption and preventing erosion of the forces for good. Unfortunately, though an admiral document and certainly a role model for governing, successors have again found means to degrade and devalue its leadership.
    Two election cycles ago we saw a new crop of young, enthusiastic representatives take charge. I waited and hoped to see a new dawn in US politics.
    One election ago we had an intelligent, forward-thinking president win election promising change and to put Americans to work rebuilding the infrastructure of our country.
    Grand efforts but still the same results.
    As history dictates, the recourse remains to reset the leadership as a whole and reward trust to the new governing body. Perhaps bringing a majority of Eagle scouts into the fold would provide reset without the drama of anarchy. With the US Constitution just arriving at its pass/fail mark - we must not eliminate any group of 'good citizens' that might make the difference - what we all agree on, though, is that something as strong as that is needed.
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    Nov 13 2013: Honestly, I don't think that there would be all that much of a difference in the long run. Congress, and those in the federal government in general, are simply too far removed. In addition, there is some truth behind the phase "power corrupts". Giving a group power over another group will ultimately result in a situation where the group in power will abuse the other group.
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    Nov 12 2013: They would probably camp more often... :o)

    But seriously, what is wrong with children which are no Eagle Scouts? Are they the negation of all of what you listed?