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Do you believe you can achieve quality by producing more (quantity)?

Achieving Quality by Higher Quantity
What Herbert Lui says:

'...A young lady named Jennifer Dewalt wanted to learn how to build a website. Did she spend years looking for the perfect one to model?

'Nope. She simply paid for a co-working space and took a stab at building 180 websites in 180 days. I’m under the impression that she spends the majority of her day on this initiative, and so doesn’t have another job to answer to. (Keep in mind that this option still is much more frugal than paying thousands in tuition for “hacker school” AND leaving your job to do it.)...'


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  • Nov 13 2013: Poch,

    Only if someone learns from their mistakes and has the talent to fix them in the next pass. I have seen people make the same mistake over and over again and not realize it.
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      Nov 13 2013: 'I have seen people make the same mistake over and over again and not realize it.'

      Then the problem now is the immortal stupidity -- or low IQ. There are people around me
      who commit that everyday. If people make the same mistake over and over again out of
      being stubborn, then that's unforgivable.
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        Nov 13 2013: Dear Poch,
        Are you making a judgment about other people?
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          Nov 13 2013: I'm sorry about doing that Colleen. But if you could see how I get
          victimized by stubborn people until now, you would understand.
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        Nov 13 2013: Poch,
        Speaking of victims......
        Did you see my question on another comment thread?

        "Colleen Steen
        13 hours ago: Poch,
        It just occurred to me......are you anywhere near the typhoon? Are you and your family safe?"
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          Nov 13 2013: I wonder now why that comment escaped me ma'am.

          Thank you for your concern. We who live in metro Manila NCR are safe
          as almost always. It's our provinces which are always devastated and the
          provinces which were devastated most are very far on another island.
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        Nov 13 2013: Poch,
        I wrote the question in your other discussion..."Will you exchange the peace of mind you get from gardening..."

        It was/is totally off topic, and there was other dialogue, so it is not surprising that you missed it. I am glad to hear you are safe, and my heart goes out to all those who are not safe and in need of assistance.
      • Nov 13 2013: Poch,

        I am not sure that the level of intelligence is the total answer. I think it has to do with how the person thinks -they may ignore some details and hence the mistake. I had a colleague that had his PHD in EE and imho was the 4th best analog designer I had ever met. He always made roughly the same mistakes in his programs. They worked but were very slow. (4 hours instead of 20 minutes) It was the way he thought and approached problems.
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          Nov 13 2013: 'It was the way he thought and approached problems.'

          Great Wayne. You're leading us to details. Your example reminded me of
          programming. Make a coding error and the computer will keep repeating
          the error. Like our minds have coding errors. Mental bias is the primary
          suspect -- underestimating something repeatedly. Even our past could
          mold the way we think.

          Some see the big picture, some the obscure details. Which could be now
          a subject for debate: Which one is better?

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