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Do you believe you can achieve quality by producing more (quantity)?

Achieving Quality by Higher Quantity
What Herbert Lui says:

'...A young lady named Jennifer Dewalt wanted to learn how to build a website. Did she spend years looking for the perfect one to model?

'Nope. She simply paid for a co-working space and took a stab at building 180 websites in 180 days. I’m under the impression that she spends the majority of her day on this initiative, and so doesn’t have another job to answer to. (Keep in mind that this option still is much more frugal than paying thousands in tuition for “hacker school” AND leaving your job to do it.)...'


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  • Nov 12 2013: Real quality is achieved by efficient allocation of resources.

    Traditionally, a person would specialize in a trait and produce a higher quality service or product by practicing and becoming more efficient.

    Industrial revolution caused mass production and loss of quality.

    Now, we are shifting technological advancements to produce a large quantity with extreme quality.

    *Check out 3D printers, I am not saying this is it, but it has quantity and quality potential.

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