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Do you allow your children unlimited use of digital gadgets?

Rise of Digital Gadgets Leading to Decline in Childhood Reading
Report from Egmont UK:

'Children as young as eight years old are being turned off reading because of a lack of “quiet time” in childhood, combined with greater access to digital resources from a young age, according to the latest Reading Street report from Egmont, entitled Reading and the Digital World.

'Egmont’s research found that children's growing access to digital resources is coinciding with a decline in being read to at home and at school, resulting in many children not enjoying reading...'

  • Nov 11 2013: I do not believe that children should have unlimited use of digital gadgets, especially under the age of 13. While digital gadgets can at times be used to help kids learn and be able to explore the world around them, it can also be used as a tool to close themselves off from the world around them and deprive them of valuable experiences that children can have by being outside, socializing, reading, etc. Children that become to enthralled with technology at a young age can become dependent on the technology and begin lacking in other areas such as socializing with others, which is a huge part of what children learn growing up.
  • Nov 15 2013: I have two toddler boys age 2 and 5. We have an Ipad that they use at their leisure. It is setup for learning activities and appropriate items of their age. They each choose a book to read every night before they go to bed. We try and do this every night. We even loaded some interactive reading books which makes it very interesting. We can read books with the lights off. My kids enjoy the the digital technology just as much as playing a board game.
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      Nov 15 2013: Like Wayne's, the self-discipline of your children is to envied too Cecil. Makes me glad
      hearing your stories. When children behave with tech gadgets like that, they don't need to
      have limited access.
  • Nov 13 2013: I agree with Zac. My children used digital devices for an hour after homework until age 12. After 12, my wife and I allowed them more time. Luckily, they became readers and they did both and we did not have to set a limit. They set their own limits.
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      Nov 13 2013: Wow Wayne. I don't think that's luck -- your children setting their own limits. The way you discipline them must be brilliant. Which is rare now. Thanks for your feedback.
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    Nov 17 2013: No!
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      Nov 17 2013: Well Jim, that's definitely a better curt answer than the reply 'yes!' :-D
  • Nov 12 2013: Children play to learn skills that will help them on later in life.

    If using digital gadgets in the future is a useful skill, then let them play and learn as necessary.