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How to determine ideas worth spreading...

Ted talks center on the notion of 'ideas worth spreading' and this interchange seeks to focus attention on the practice of choosing the ideas to spread, how individuals and groups determine what to share and cultivate and what to eradicate. This also includes the best practices to ensure ideas are sheared and which ideas get spread. I once read that there are more good stories than bad one, yet more of the latter get told and reported. So how to determine and choose ideas worth spreading?


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    Dec 4 2013: Hi Esteban. I've suggested a new conversation regarding after-death-experience about 2 weeks ago - a ted editor, Morton, has rejected my proposal/question, saying that it would be too extreme for the Ted members and this will put-off a lot of them.
    I just edited this question. Will let you know whether Morton will accept it or not.

    Honestly, I have never expected to receive this rejection on the subject that becomes a center of a serious research, and inspiration for new discoveries.
    • Dec 4 2013: Vera,

      The fact it took 2 weeks for them to respond may indicate them having had some serious dialogues about approving or rejecting the topic. I had some proposed ideas rejected myself ... ideas I thought where crucial to TEDsters to mull over. Keep in mind that TED caters to Technology Entertainment Design while including on the edge happenings of rather down to earth stuff. If they approve it great... if not well there might be other forums to dialogue abut that. It would seem interesting to look into what makes some ideas be accepted and what ideas be rejected...

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