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The way to Emerge IT to evolve and flourish in Pakistan.

Pakistan is having trouble with the emergence and growth of IT (Information Technology), there are many reason behind it, major reason are Trust, Literacy, & Cultural backwardness and so on we need to fix up this issue to help protect the right of every citizen and to make flourish the IT industry.

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    Nov 13 2013: It is important to note that Pakistan is still struggling with multiple issues like internet censorship, lack of 3G services, and a paucity of online payment solutions. Note that 95 percent of e-commerce payments are done as cash-on-delivery. But millions of Pakistanis have learned to embrace digital platforms (via mobile and laptops/PCs) for work, to shop, to socialize, and keep themselves updated with the latest news.
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    Nov 12 2013: Could you inform us about the technological landscape there?