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Is there a working hypothesis as to how consciousness arises?

I know that many debatable theories have been proposed, such as consciousness arising from matter (highly unlikely) and matter arising from consciousness (still debated) but has any quantum physicist or other scientist proposed a working hypothesis yet?

EDIT: I'm talking about consciousness at the level of a human

  • Apr 19 2011: I just wrote about this in another post but actually there is one sort of total theory that I am aware of and you can read about it in "A Universe Of Consciousness:How Matter Becomes Imagination." By Gerald M. Edelman and Guilio Tononi.

    Also we know that consciousness arises from the physical brain and we know it undoubtedly.That is not the problem, the problem is describing just how that process occurs. Maybe I could leave you with a simple idea.

    People usually make a remark along the lines of " Consciousness is powerful because as large as the sky may be across, I can close my eyes and hold a picture of it in my mind."
    Well just think about the visual process, in fact your eyes don't see, they merely act as a lens that transfers photons into an electrochemical signal which the brain interprets as a visual scene in the occipital lobe.
    Now the mere fact that your brain has "the gear" to interpret that signal should be enough to explain why you can visualize the sky even with your eyes closed, because the eyes are merely lenses.(I don't know if I have written this clear enough, but it is seemingly a simple concept)

    Also consciousness is not the domain of Quantum Physics in any encompassing sense. It is the field of neuroscience and neurobiology that will answer the question.
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    Apr 19 2011: Another corollary to this point is, that consciousness is usually very overrated. We are conscious of much less than we think we are.
    Daniel Dennett dispels the myth of what he calls the 'Cartesian Theater'.
    Here's one of his TED talks: