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one's thinking

One’s thinking
What you are thinking, I am thinking of it, or I have already thought of it and I might be about to think of it. Thinking is regarded as something from a personal perspective, argued to be unique, and of intelligent background. But I think as one might as well think too, that (thinking) is just as common as anything else, created around an environment that will give that thought a meaning, same way we cry at funerals instead of smiling/laughing, the environment will play a big role in whatever we are thinking, it stimulates us to think. So if two individuals are exposed in same environment there is a big chance for them to think about things in an almost same fashion, however it’s the application and presentation of the thought by individuals that makes the thought look different when it comes to the outside. Thinking comes from within us, the environment triggers us to communicate with it in thought; we create thought, shape it, weight it and give it a time-scale. The thought might be of the same to two individuals, but the shaping of the thought, the weight and its timing might be very different which in result appear as if the two individuals had different thought in the first place


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  • Nov 12 2013: Hi dear Blaise Jabo,thinking keeps me peaceful to deal things around.Thinking reminds me my brain working,and as much as I keep doing so,my brain wouldn't be atrophied as fast as time goes by...and I would like to be full of wits when I am an old granny:)LOL.By the way,would you like come to share your opinions about Rene Descartes' words:I think ,therefore I am.Thank you.
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      Nov 12 2013: yeah thanks, i would love to share my opinions on that.. let me know when and how.
      • Nov 13 2013: Hi Dear Blaise Jabo,could you share your opinions about'I think,therefore I am' here?you can offer 2000 characters for every comments.And the topic will last one month.Please just come to share in free?Because since a few years ago,I read Rene Descartes' words:'I think,therefore I am' in English.I suddenly thought of my learning about it in Chinese.I was supposed it was totally wrong understanding of Descartes these words.I think it caused by wrong translation or wrong explanation in Chinese about it.So I would like to hear as many as I can meet those friends who like to come to talk about it in English.It can help me to boost my conciousness of thinking.Thank you!

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