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Do you experience an underrepresented gender expression? What are your thoughts about gender?

I am routinely perceived as male when I am "out and about" called "sir, bro, etc." I am sometimes asked if I am transgender by those in LGBTQA circles, in particular. I take this in stride but I wish that more communication occurred to address that not all gender variant people identify in the same way.

In my personal experience, as someone who was born with an opposite sex twin, and a person born to a mother with an opposite sex twin. I was intensely curious about gender and gender roles from an early age. For me, I feel that both nurture and nature helped to shape my sense of gender.

Although I have a history of gender dysphoria, body dysphoria and even some lingering feelings of these conditions, if I were to transition it would be to escape the social stigma of being a female that does not fit into the social norm for my assigned birth sex. Although I do not fit neatly into the stereotypical female role, I have no interest in embracing a new male identity. It would not be appropriate for me to transition. For me, gender reassignment would feel like fleeing one's war-torn homeland to become the citizen of a new country whose culture, geography, customs and history, I do not fully understand nor sincerely wish to adopt. For me, pursuing gender reassignment, would feel like becoming a refugee who is forced to travel far from home.

It is my hope that all people can one day be free to explore and pursue paths that help them to feel whole and at peace, and that society can come to respect all gender expressions. If one is transgender, it is my hope that they are able to embrace a body, life and culture that resonates well with their core identity in a way that their birth sex and linked gender assignment was not able to match. We should all feel free to explore and express who we are.

Your experience and thoughts are eagerly awaited!

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    Nov 12 2013: Well, I like to dance in public for exercise, such as when waiting in line at the grocery store. Usually the dance that comes naturally to me is a belly dance kind of dance, but I usually feel a little tense about it, like someone might criticize me for dancing like a girl.
  • Nov 11 2013: We humans like putting things in boxes. Politicians especially create false dichotomies in order to make their own arguments seem (or should i say SEEM) stronger (which also could be a red herring or straw man argument). Likewise gender falls within this innate desire to keep things neatly tied up in categories. I think the issues that gender faces is broader than recognizing that there is a spectrum in gender. Many people are ok with multiple genders but when the argument comes down to restrooms and sports teams those same people now face a dilemma. Even if one believes they are a male in a female body, they still don't have "male" plumbing. I know that sounds crass but it is a lay man's term that we all can understand. It is even harder if one believes they are a female in a male's body. Given that there are male and female restrooms/locker rooms how do we, as a society, deal with a gender spectrum in a way that appeals to non-traditional genders and traditional genders alike? Bathrooms are easy, make all public restrooms unisex (women might not like that as men's restrooms are oftentimes really gross due to aiming issues). However, this creates logistical issues. unisex restrooms work well for restaurants but not as well for sports arenas/stadia. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe had a segment on gender just this week (or was it last week) that shed some light on how the public thinks about this touchy issue. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the post civil rights era.
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    Nov 11 2013: Juniper,

    The feeling of being bound to a certain gender role...I don't often talk about it, mostly due to it being so out of bounds for most people. You're either female or male. They have these images set before them and can't percieve the idea of one wanting to break free from it.
    Yes there's LGBT, but not all people fall into these neat catergories. Sexuailty is more complicated than that. "I have no interest in embracing a new male identity". I feel like a gay guy born into a girls body. I wish gender wasn't so defining! I'm still coming to terms on my feeling towards myself, though I don't want to assume a male identity either.
    Not to be seen as wanting to be male or female, almost sexless. When we can just see each other as human beings. Where we could express ourselves without being judged. When I chopped off all my hair and dress a certain way, I get the same questions, and am simply labelled as bi-sexual. (Since I dress both ways depending on my mood, I don't believe in being held back by women's clothing/mens I shop in both departments lol)
    My utopian vision is anothers twilight zone episode.
    Thank you for sharing, I'd felt quite alone in this respect, but didn't let me stop me from being who I wanted to be. I also pursue other alternative lifestyle choices:)