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What is it to be poor for you in this year?

The things that you should have? The salary you should get?

Share your thoughts.


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  • Nov 10 2013: Well, I want to start at the Top of course.
    I should make at the very least, the same salary as a US Senator.
    I have the qualifications.
    I am opinionated, and crooked as a dog's hind leg, and lecherous.

    I am available from 9am until 4pm, some days.
    I require a Driver to and from the Office.
    Security body guards 24/7
    Full coverage medical care, none of that cheap ACA crap.
    30 days sick leave.
    30 days vacation (While the NSA needs to use my Shredder.)
    Two secretaries, and they'd better be good looking.
    One receptionist for now, no, better make it two, I talk a lot.
    A helicopter and a plane at my disposal for those mile high trips..

    If I forgot anything, add it. I don't want to miss getting my fair share.

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