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What is it to be poor for you in this year?

The things that you should have? The salary you should get?

Share your thoughts.

  • Nov 8 2013: I can't afford to pay attention!
  • Nov 9 2013: My eyesight is? getting poor in this year because of reading too much.Are there any idea to protecx it?:)
    • Nov 10 2013: Close your eyes. Now read.
      See, it works.

      If you still have the problem, try reading less.
      It works for me.
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    Nov 8 2013: Equal pay for equal work does not apply to the handicap and disabled, and is something all with disabilities should get.

    I’m not poor, but neither can a save properly for retirement. I earn half what I should and I’m lucky I get that much, did you know that there is no minimum wage for those with disabilities? No matter how productive they are!
    • Nov 10 2013: Don, the answer is simple.
      Work Slower.
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        Nov 11 2013: Although doing less work would qualify me to be management ;) giving up my work ethics would make me spiritually poor and I rather be financially poor.
        • Nov 11 2013: Don,
          "Why should our society pay for the misfortunes of others?"
          Because that's what humans do -- take care of one another."
          -- Liz Bowden (who writes articles for a newspaper)

          I understand your plight Don. I really do.

          I am a bold individual, whenever I've wanted money I could
          find a way to get it. Never easy, but I have had a talent.

          I never saved for retirement. I never planned to retire.

          I was struck with colon cancer in 2000, causing me to shutter
          my business, and live through these last 13 years as I've
          slowly healed. No energy these days.

          I try to rise each morning before dawn. I work at my computer
          until 11am, teach snooker to the elderly despots until 1pm, and
          stagger the one block home to my Diabetes, which puts me down
          for an hour in the afternoons. I work until I begin to fade after
          10:30pm, an then read until I fall asleep at about Midnight.

          I am quick to give advice with only little information to go on.
          Don, I apologize. I do a lot of apologizing.
          I don't know how to say this to you Don.
          But, If you cannot earn your full worth, you need
          to find another vocation.

          You may "Not" want to feel-out your current employer as to what would
          happen if he were presented with the idea of losing you. And, I wouldn't,
          do it if the chances were that you might lose your job.

          Catch-22 only if you do nothing.

          Were I you, I would invest "all" my spare time in a systematic search for
          a better paying job, with benefits, and a retirement package.

          Government Employment could contain a wealth of opportunities.

          I would sit down first and write a letter to the Corporate Heads of large
          companies, and ask if they have a program available for hiring those
          Disabled individuals seeking Equal Employment. You will be shunted
          to those peoples who handle your type of needs. Give them your
          particulars, and see what they can do. Failures will be often.
          But nothing is easy.

          I cannot think of a better solution.
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        Nov 12 2013: I’m not looking for charity; in fact I strive to be charitable. Just want far playing field and not just for me, but for everyone with a handicap.

        For example for equal pay for equal work; let’s say the normal-health graphics designer earns 100k, and autistic graphics designer should also earn 100k and 15k or less that is currently allowed and encouraged. FYI: people with autism are often highly skilled at graphic design.

        Personally I been living with MS for the past 11 years, and one of its many fun symptoms is chronic fatigue syndrome. So I fully understand what no energy days are like. LOL; I do have a government job, and letters to HR have only produce threats and attempts to cut my pay. But not counting the pay, it is good for me, good health insurance, short travel time and low stress, AKA: things needed for me to battle my MS. And really life is more about spirituals growth than financial growth, by that measure I’m a very rich man. Plus in just a few more years I get my benefits locked in, and can seek other options. (Like working for myself.)

        But that is enough about me plight,
        I’m also quick to give advice, but I see no reason to apologize for my great advice. ;)
        • Nov 12 2013: Don,
          Looks like HR has you by your disability b---s... The world is not fair.

          More free advice...
          Don't stop your job. Wring it out for all it will give. But don't rock the boat.
          Health Insurance is golden. And any pension is better than none.

          I work for myself. I handicap and get the winners of horse races.
          Only 2% of horse players consistently make money.
          I fit that slot.

          My friend is a mathematician. He and I, work each late afternoon and evening
          together, on the phone, fighting to beat one another with the best payout
          for the day. We are both very good at what we do, and we only handicap
          races that contain 10 or more horses. These years we've slowed down to
          5 to 8 races a day.. We try to give ourselves 20 minutes between races,
          sometimes because we watch the races, only 1 or 2 minutes.

          I do not recommend this type of activity to you. But I do recommend you
          consider finding a vocation that will allow you to use your free time and
          make money.

          I am very disciplined. Others I find are less so. I blame television. -- LOL --
          Couch Potatoes are just that.
  • Nov 11 2013: I have had many times in my life where I did not have money but I never felt poor.
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    Nov 11 2013: As bad as it is with the poor with income going down are stagnating and the cost of the basics going sky high, the sadist part for the poor (and middle-class that is becoming poor) is the loss of Hope that things will get better.

    So everyone should have hope that hard work will lead to a better tomorrow, no matter what part of the world you live in.
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    Nov 11 2013: we and every years since my birth.
  • Nov 10 2013: Well, I want to start at the Top of course.
    I should make at the very least, the same salary as a US Senator.
    I have the qualifications.
    I am opinionated, and crooked as a dog's hind leg, and lecherous.

    I am available from 9am until 4pm, some days.
    I require a Driver to and from the Office.
    Security body guards 24/7
    Full coverage medical care, none of that cheap ACA crap.
    30 days sick leave.
    30 days vacation (While the NSA needs to use my Shredder.)
    Two secretaries, and they'd better be good looking.
    One receptionist for now, no, better make it two, I talk a lot.
    A helicopter and a plane at my disposal for those mile high trips..

    If I forgot anything, add it. I don't want to miss getting my fair share.
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    Nov 10 2013: I suppose having to get from others more than you can give back.
  • Nov 9 2013: To me, being poor this year meant being forced to go on to the SNAP's and Medicaid programs because I couldn't find continuous work for the year, needed to eat and was required by federal law to have medical coverage by 2014. As a healthy, 28 year old and a part time student I should be able to find at least a part time year around job to provide for my basic needs. However, the job market is not there. I keep telling myself, stick with school, it will pay off and all this will just be a stepping stone on my way to a better day... but staying positive becomes harder when all the NEWS and signs point towards continued hardship in my immediate future.
    • Nov 10 2013: Lisalotte,

      Staying positive is actually easy. The secret?
      Do not believe --
      the NEWS, and signs that point towards continued hardship...

      My Father, bless him, taught me at a very young age.
      50% of everything you see and hear from the NEWS is a lie.
      The other 50% you can discard as just being wrong.
      The Media is interested in separating Advertisers from their Dollars.
      The Media cares not a whit for you, except to pocket your Dollars.
      Now for the important stuff --
      As a healthy, 28 year old and a part time student...
      You are 1 year away from when the Ambition Bug bites.
      "Don't miss the bite."
      Three things to believe and apply to your life...
      1. Courage means to be afraid to do something, but to go ahead and do it.

      2. Your Occam's razor behavior as regards medical coverage is a humiliating experience.
      However, a high percentage of the population of the United States find themselves in the
      same position. So forgive yourself, and learn to like yourself.

      3. Unsuccessful people "always" refuse to do the things that successful people do.
      Like getting up in the mornings early. 4:30am is a real test. Try it for 3 months.
      Like thinking about how to do something you can be proud of. "Thinking Good Thoughts".
      Like learning to understand that "Taking the First Step" is the proper way to start.
      Like knowing that successful people want to share how to do it. Approach them and ask.

      That should prepare you. Go get 'em...

      ps: Climb a high hill, sit on a rock overlooking a valley community. Contemplate. It works.