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What is it to be poor for you in this year?

The things that you should have? The salary you should get?

Share your thoughts.


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  • Nov 9 2013: To me, being poor this year meant being forced to go on to the SNAP's and Medicaid programs because I couldn't find continuous work for the year, needed to eat and was required by federal law to have medical coverage by 2014. As a healthy, 28 year old and a part time student I should be able to find at least a part time year around job to provide for my basic needs. However, the job market is not there. I keep telling myself, stick with school, it will pay off and all this will just be a stepping stone on my way to a better day... but staying positive becomes harder when all the NEWS and signs point towards continued hardship in my immediate future.
    • Nov 10 2013: Lisalotte,

      Staying positive is actually easy. The secret?
      Do not believe --
      the NEWS, and signs that point towards continued hardship...

      My Father, bless him, taught me at a very young age.
      50% of everything you see and hear from the NEWS is a lie.
      The other 50% you can discard as just being wrong.
      The Media is interested in separating Advertisers from their Dollars.
      The Media cares not a whit for you, except to pocket your Dollars.
      Now for the important stuff --
      As a healthy, 28 year old and a part time student...
      You are 1 year away from when the Ambition Bug bites.
      "Don't miss the bite."
      Three things to believe and apply to your life...
      1. Courage means to be afraid to do something, but to go ahead and do it.

      2. Your Occam's razor behavior as regards medical coverage is a humiliating experience.
      However, a high percentage of the population of the United States find themselves in the
      same position. So forgive yourself, and learn to like yourself.

      3. Unsuccessful people "always" refuse to do the things that successful people do.
      Like getting up in the mornings early. 4:30am is a real test. Try it for 3 months.
      Like thinking about how to do something you can be proud of. "Thinking Good Thoughts".
      Like learning to understand that "Taking the First Step" is the proper way to start.
      Like knowing that successful people want to share how to do it. Approach them and ask.

      That should prepare you. Go get 'em...

      ps: Climb a high hill, sit on a rock overlooking a valley community. Contemplate. It works.

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