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How can TEDx events balance the ratio of female to male speakers?

Recently many organizers and TED staff have been wondering why men are more likely to show up on TEDx stages speaking than do women. Is it a question of courage or time or desire or family responsibilities or not being known or lack of degrees or lack of power or looking harder? What do you think are the reasons? How can we change this?

Women are reshaping our world. http://www.ted.com/themes/women_reshaping_the_world.html

How do we find them, invite them, support them, give them a platform to amplify their ideas, have their voices heard, and radically increase their own image of what they are capable of impacting? Where are they investing their life energy? How can we value and reward them? Do you know any who should be speaking at a TEDx? Or nominated to be a TED Fellow?


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    Nov 8 2013: Interesting questions! :D

    I was part of organizing team of TEDxChiangMai, though I haven't been involved in searching process, but did notice that this is one thing they took into account. I think the big question is "How are we going to find awesome women from different fields?" Some granting agencies and awarders can provide us some ideas. However, some of the young talented people can be unnoticed if we only count on this; It's tricky. I think networking is the key.

    I think if you have staffs with different background as your TEDx team, it will work out wonderfully. Hope you enjoy organizing TEDx. Wish it turns out awesome! Cheering you all the way :))))

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