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The American Two Party System is so strong that third parties can't effectively influence public policy.

Since the late 1960s there has been much discussion and concern about the stability and the strength of the American two-party system. After David Broder's, (1971) declaration that the "party's over" partisanship has been in decline. Many people believe that third parties could solve the partisanship and divided government that has plagued America for the latter half of the last century. What is your opinion on the two-party system? Can third parties truly make a difference.... in America... in the world?

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    Nov 13 2013: Hi Melissa, I was just reviewing your last conversation to see if you had posted any results of the class project and found another conversation ... is this also a class study?

    This is a doozy of a question ... I am not for sure that either party is that strong ... What I am seeing is many people changing their political status to Independent ... the vote is now going to the party that addresses needs and wants of a society that has become use to "entitlements".

    Let me explain. It was once enough to rally around the flag ... God and country ... patriotism .. and the good of the country. The issues were presented and were the significant issues of the day.

    Today apathy is the word of the day ... we have over time become a nation that has encouraged a welfare generation and in todays terms that is entitlements. The promise of free cell phones ... free medical care ... citizenship outside of the rule of law .... allowing illegals to stay and other actions that are Constitutionally questionable.

    In the news today ... a man ran for office in a city of a majority of black voters and won ... He did not post a picture of himself but published the issues and his stand ... he was white. They now want a recall and the democratic party said it was cheating to not let them know he was white and a republican. This happened in Texas.

    The reason for that story ... what if all candidates were required to address just the issues ... no picture ... no party ... no gender .. etc ... By doing this we could take big money out of the picture. Also parties .... etc ...

    The questions they would have to address remains the issue. Since the Constitution gives the federal government limited responsibilities ... the questions for President would be within the frame of the Constitution. State question again within the state Constitution ... local would be local issues ..

    Hopefully the voters would then be better informed.
  • Nov 12 2013: I agree, I think a quick death of the Democrat Political party would open the electoral platform for a third party to take it's place. It's time to abort the Democrat party and incorporate a new governing model for our nation. What credible third parties would you prefer to take their place?
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    Nov 8 2013: Yes, there are flaws in the voting system, especially in 'the winner gets it all' rule.
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    Nov 8 2013: The tea-party (AKA: real Republicans) needs to break away from the Democratic controlled Republican party. Also there needs to be a second democrat values party, one more focused on being green, equal rights, and liberty and less on creating a two class system. (Mega Rich and powerful class and a slave class)

    This single controlling party, with a puppet party has to end. Right now I would prefer a military take-over over this sham, and considering the democrats are massively firing military generals democrats must fear most would agree with me and would favor the military over them.
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      Nov 8 2013: "The tea-party (AKA: real Republicans) needs to break away from the Democratic controlled Republican party."
      Best thing that could possibly happen to Democrats and probably even to Republicans.
      Good thing is that society has no room for extremists, therefore the Tea Party will never be more than a fringe group.
  • Nov 8 2013: I don't think so.As American has "two",why would you like to have third?You think the center authority is too concentrated,don't you?Everybody knows that the decentralize of authority causes the situation,isn't it?
  • Nov 8 2013: We do not have a two party system, we have a one party system and that party is Corporations.
  • Nov 8 2013: Until there is a change in the single member winner take all/first past the pole system, third parties will only be able to play spoiler or/and bring issues to the discussion.