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How has the globalization of the sport (soccer/football) played a role in the world of politics, religion and terror?

I am currently working on a paper for a course on Politics, Piety and Terror. My goal is to explore how soccer / football has made an impact on peoples human rights and how it has divided and united nations. One example that comes to mind is how a group of people can rally behind a team for the purpose of a political cause, for example the people of Egypt did this recently during their civil war. Another example can be found in Brazil, it currently finds in a political strife with its poorer population. They are protesting against the countries investing so much into the infrastructure for the World Cup but hardly any in the Education and to support their basic needs.

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    Nov 30 2013: Global awareness, in general, offers opportunities for expanding our concept about humanity and our connection to each other. At various times, our expanded perspectives can be positively or negatively provocative, and leave us with a sense of being uplifted or, conversely, unsure and afraid. Nevertheless, our global awareness punctuates the fact that we really are all in this together, and aren't, in fact, the only game in, or out of, town.