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Firearms forensics and gun crime solution

As we see, it is a laborious task to track down weapons used in gun crime, where forensics test fire weapons to gain a bullet, rifling, and fire pin match. Always done post event. I propose a global database under the auspices of the UN or at least at a Nation level, of the implementation of a database of weapons that must be test fired at the factory, or at local facilities, to gain the forensic profile of each weapon sold or owned by the gun owner as a perquisites of licensing. Thereby enabling the identification of weapons used in crime or defense in a much more efficient way.
It would enable the instant identification from the national database from bullet evidence, streamlining the crime detection and the forensic process, tying a gun owner or seller or user to a specific weapon before any crime or defense event has taken place.


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  • Nov 9 2013: Yeah, That's all we need,
    more "instant identification" from another "national database".

    Alaska? Does it have a warm place or two?
    The lower 48 are damned nuts.

    I already live at the beach, so Hawaii's out.

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