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Should counties like the ones in northern Colorado be allowed to secede from their states? Why/why not?

Succession seems to be a topic of discussion in many parts of the country today. There is a process in place for that to be accomplished. What are your thoughts? Thank you.

  • Nov 9 2013: It's not my call to make, But the call of those who live there and of those who would be affected by such secessions.
  • Nov 7 2013: I think talk of succession is acting out, perhaps based on frustration with the current political system.

    Succession means you need more government to provide those services that the current state government provides to the citizens of the succeeding county. Roads, schools, a method of collecting taxes and fairly distributing the funds, police, fire, licenses (including hunting and fishing Colorado), National Guard, representation in National politics, and the list goes on.

    I think 'Careful what you wish for' applies.
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    Nov 19 2013: If states want to secede, it's for soveriegnty. The states had more soveriegnty once, and the government system was designed for them to have sovereignty, while being a union.

    Logically it makes more sense for the states to join forces to take back state soveriegnty, rather than attempt to split the nation in a way that's been tried before.
  • Nov 12 2013: Just show them a realistic picture of the "day after", and they'll think better of it.
    Here's a partial list:
    --Their share of the national debt.
    --All the national institutions need to be replaced, either with a new organization or a bolstering of an existing one. Everything from healthcare to infrastructure to military will need to be rebuilt, potentially resulting in a complete and utter mess.
    --No real global status. Things like being up to your ears in debt to China will no longer be tolerated, and war with the new state will no longer be so unthinkable to foreign entities (fight the US, are you crazy? Fight Colorado, sure why not?).
    --Potentially reduced standards of living (not sure if their GDP per capita is higher or lower than the national average).
    --If they try to succeed unilaterally, a civil war.

    Be careful what you wish for indeed.
  • Nov 11 2013: UNITED WE STAND!!! This is one of the things we couldn't have done more right in history lets not mess it up now. America is for the independent citizen and the interdependent government. anyone that opposes that opposes the engine of civil reform that fuels our government. DIVIDED WE FALL
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    Nov 11 2013: There is a process as Pat stated called nullification .. where states do not have to obey anything that the state deems unconstitutional.

    The only state that has written in its constitution that can secede is Texas and it can divide into five independent states. That is my understanding.

    The better question is why has this become such a hot button in the last few years. There is talk of seceding, anarchy, plots, and a sharp rise in cults and groups that had all but died out and are now popular. Why is there a need for a Tea Party? Why have our strongest allies begin to desert us? Why are we 17 Trillion dollars in debit? Why do our leaders exempt themselves from the law of the land? There are thousands of whys .....

    Doc, we once found a common ground in faith ... Madalyn O'Hara and court rulings have removed that common bond. Is there a connection? Strong movements to re-define marriage, legalize drugs, embrace socialism / communism, and destroy the very fiber that made us a leader in the world.

    That a county should want to depart from the insanity is a symptom of the greater illness. However, would allowing this solve either the issues or bring the lifestyle to the community they are seeking. There must be a better more effective answer ... to find that answer we must examine what has caused this rift and remove that cancer in order to find unity, harmony, and regain a national sense of belonging, worth, and pride. For truly united we will stand and divided we shall fall.

    I have never seen us as divided and fragmented as we have become in the last few years. Over a period of time racial tensions had eased and there was signs of healing ... those embers have resurfaced. A process of indoctrination has taken place in education and through the entitlements mentality.

    Should they be allowed to secede ... NO. But they have spoken the thoughts of much of the nation and that needs a thorough examination.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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    Nov 11 2013: Probably not. There are provisions for states seceding in the constitution which have been ignored in the past by the federal government.

    This is not a small point as nullification has been a cornerstone of the sucess pf the US.
  • Nov 9 2013: Secession, not succession. Succession is the process of inheriting a political office or status. Secession, on the other hand, is the act of leaving some organization. There are already mechanisms in place. If it must not be allowed, then we are obliged to force West Virginia to re-join Virginia.
  • Nov 8 2013: It would be a real headache, we have got enough pressing problems.