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Which out of talent and hard work makes a person more successful and how?

There always are these two kinds of successful people - the talented and the hard workers. What makes a person more successful out of the two- is it talent or is it hard work? or is it a right balance of both? Which one gives long-term success? Who is happier out of both and why? Answers to all these would support to answer the main question.

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    Nov 10 2013: Tej, I find it hard to separate these two. As a coach I cannot teach speed. Some are fast some are not. I can teach technique which may improve your overall time. However, none of these come easy ... some say it is luck ... it has been my experience that the hardest workers are "luckier" than those who do not put forth the effort.

    You may be the fastest in your class at arriving at the correct math answer. But the student that can apply that formula will be the long term winner. S/he has worked to understand not only the mechanics but under what circumstances they can be applied ... that last step taken by the student put s/he in the drivers seat.

    Thomas Edison once said ... success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. That would infer that a combination is the key to success.

    I can play notes on the guitar ... my kids can play music with feelings and emotion. I can draw .. and someone will say is that a tree????? My wife can draw a picture that makes you think of the aroma, sunshine, and sounds that are depicted. In those cases I try hard but lack the talent ... again a combination is required.

    As to which is happier .... I know people with tons of talent who are miserable ... and folks who have no discernible talent who are blissfully happy. Happiness is different for all of us and a result of many factors.

    The beginning of being happy is .... to know and accept who you are ... and be content with that person.

    In the end it is still all about the person .... there is not standard measuring stick.

    For a sure thing be born to the companies founder and start off as a Vice President and work your way up.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Nov 16 2013: Really, very well explained. Very helpful!

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