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Which out of talent and hard work makes a person more successful and how?

There always are these two kinds of successful people - the talented and the hard workers. What makes a person more successful out of the two- is it talent or is it hard work? or is it a right balance of both? Which one gives long-term success? Who is happier out of both and why? Answers to all these would support to answer the main question.

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    Nov 8 2013: None, as both are myths of a given system by its standard definition of success.

    It may help if you become clear what success means to you and then start your way to find it in case you don't already have it. Endurance will help and so does luck.
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      Nov 10 2013: I never thought about this difference as a child and till the time when I was supposed to make choice of career. When I entered my field, as a student, which I still am, I had not found what I was good at or what pleased me as there were innumerable options and I had considered just a few of them. With time I have realized that this difference does exist and it's effect is of considerable magnitude in how good you are at what you're doing. Also, if we further look into it, It's not only about success but also about happiness, satisfaction and most importantly, the time that you're spending in whatever you're doing. However, I've also learnt, which might be against the popular opinion though, that interest can be developed over a period of time.
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        Nov 10 2013: It was the same with me when I was a student, and often we find that our imagination about a career is different from usual realities in those careers. Happiness and satisfaction can be part of your definition of success, if this is important for you to have in a career. To me it is.

        Interest can develop over a period of time, that is not unusual, yet it can also decrease over time and than it is time for a change.

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