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think and have fun: i want perople to think of their existance and think themselves why they are alive.

i am sure your are living being. can you state a reason why you are alive, and do you have any specific motive in your life.

in short i am asking you why are you alive here?


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  • Nov 7 2013: Why do I need a reason to be alive?

    The rocks outside don't seem to need any reason to be rocks, why should I be different? I have a number of very complex chemical reactions called life in my system, but that's the only practical difference. The rocks have chemistry going for them as well, its just simpler, and less capable of typing replies.
    • Nov 8 2013: thank you for your reply.

      for sure you are not a rock you got your life and what do fell its worth for?

      what's the reason for existing here?

      and i feel its worth capable of typing replys.
      • Nov 9 2013: I don't think there is a reason.
        An evolutionary coincidence, if you will. Reason implies intelligent design, and I was never one for religion, nor alien visitors.

        We make our own reasons, and honestly, they're all pretty arbitrary if you stop and look at them objectively.

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