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Are westerners biased in defining a terrorist act

It seems that any atrocity on innocent people on the west countries' ground is authentic terrorism, while it occurs in countries like China,apathy and schadenfreude appear in the western media,,instead of sympathy and unity. They intentionally turn a black eye on the victims,seem to justify the act as decent rant.
Why some westerners are this cold? Respect should be payed to the innocent victims,not negligence.Recent terrorist act in Beijing completely reveals some people's double-standards and hypocrisy. The reports on CNN really squeezed my heart,


why could not us all united, west and east, African and Asian,Christian and Muslim,etc,that is the way it should be.


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  • Nov 17 2013: It is unfortunate that you find such a gap in levels of sympathy via the wording of the media. But I feel that each nation has it's own sense of loyalty and personal bias. Differences in social mores in each society changes the way an action is viewed and treated. It is unproductive to blame one entity or another for any perceived slight when one remembers that the media is never a true indicator of the sentiment of an entire nation. That would be unfeasible and ludicrous. Instead the media is a tool to try and bend attitudes which is ineffective, once one is slapped in the face with the true agenda behind such a far reaching action. In a nutshell, you need not worry, unless you too have been manipulated by medias tactics. It all ends with you; which is empowering enough.
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      Nov 17 2013: I understand your point, and I believe what you said is more likely to apply to the real world. ' the media is never a true indicator of the sentiment of an entire nation',that's exactly I believe to be the truth.

      Thank you for your comments, I feel more released after seeing your words.

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