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Are westerners biased in defining a terrorist act

It seems that any atrocity on innocent people on the west countries' ground is authentic terrorism, while it occurs in countries like China,apathy and schadenfreude appear in the western media,,instead of sympathy and unity. They intentionally turn a black eye on the victims,seem to justify the act as decent rant.
Why some westerners are this cold? Respect should be payed to the innocent victims,not negligence.Recent terrorist act in Beijing completely reveals some people's double-standards and hypocrisy. The reports on CNN really squeezed my heart,


why could not us all united, west and east, African and Asian,Christian and Muslim,etc,that is the way it should be.


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    Nov 10 2013: Jaden, I can totally understand your statement. I think that terrorism has been defined for the westerners. This is a media thing and not a people thing. There are good people everywhere and also bad.

    Much of what has been controlled media is now being shown as untrue by cell phones and computers. Many of the incidents of the past have been kept secret by the government and government press.

    As a example in the USA we will never know the facts about Benghazi because the person with overall responsibility is seeking the office of President. We have just found out about the truths that the administration knew in 2010 about Obamacare. We are now aware of the deeds of NSA, Homeland Security, entitlements, drones, the complete failure of the State Department, unemployment statistics, our economy and all sorts of lies and cover ups for the last six years.

    These lies and cover ups could never have bee possible without the full cooperation of the media. In order to maintain a somewhat informed view of the world and our (USA) government I watch BBC, China Today, RT and the local news. I put all of the pieces on the table and try to make a puzzle complete and discard all of the pieces left over.

    That is a shame. I cannot trust my government or my countries media.

    So in summary .... many are "sheeple" and believe everything they are told and their view will always what their master tell them it should be ... therefore .. yes ... there is a bias ... but not all the fault of the westerners.

    Always remember that governments do not have emotions, or care about their citizens they only have interests. That being the power and wealth of those in office and their ability to maintain that position.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Nov 15 2013: I firmly believe what you said is the condition of any society in the world. To some extent,we people are unfortunate,because we could not trust our government or media, they are controlled and manipulated by some people,I dont know who they are ,and how they do it.

      I think we, the people of the world are the same,we all have bias and faults,we have no reason to deny it. However, neglecting our own faults is not a right way for ourselves are the unity of mankind,we must act on our own and move forward,to reduce those negatives in our hearts. I think we all know the those attributes,honesty,diligence,love,integrity,etc.

      Be well.Jaden

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