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Are westerners biased in defining a terrorist act

It seems that any atrocity on innocent people on the west countries' ground is authentic terrorism, while it occurs in countries like China,apathy and schadenfreude appear in the western media,,instead of sympathy and unity. They intentionally turn a black eye on the victims,seem to justify the act as decent rant.
Why some westerners are this cold? Respect should be payed to the innocent victims,not negligence.Recent terrorist act in Beijing completely reveals some people's double-standards and hypocrisy. The reports on CNN really squeezed my heart,

why could not us all united, west and east, African and Asian,Christian and Muslim,etc,that is the way it should be.

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    Nov 9 2013: Hello Jaden....nice to connect with you again:>)

    Unfortunately, there are biased people, terrorists, apathy, double standards, hypocrisy, coldness and separation throughout our world. There is also compassion, empathy, respect, unity and love in the hearts of many people.

    I believe it is more useful to reinforce and encourage our interconnectedness, rather than our separateness. Are ALL westerners biased? I say no, we are not ALL biased. Are some westerners biased? I say yes....some are. Are people from other countries biased? It appears that some are, and some are not.

    There certainly are challenges in our world which may be better resolved when/if we realize that people everywhere are more the same than different?
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      Nov 9 2013: Hi,Miss Steen, nice to talk to you again.

      I have been in an internship,as a result,I have not joined the TED talks for a long time. I am just thinking about I have so much to talk to you.

      Yes,I hold the same view as you do. I see the most of the people in this world are friendly and decent,the rest deters the trend of our unification. I agree that if we see our similarity more,and respect the differences,we will live more harmoniously. The world needs more mutual respect ,empathy and understanding.

      I posted this talk not because I consider all westerners are biased,I wanted to hear firsthand views from western people,and to reduce our mistrust.
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        Nov 9 2013: Hi Jaden! I missed you, and I'm glad you are back with a good conversation which will hopefully help create more connections for all of us:>)
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    Lejan .

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    Nov 8 2013: Westerners are hysterical about terrorist acts at the moment, mainly to manipulate their citizen and to legitimize the destruction of civil rights and to bring them willingly to war.

    Don't listen to them right now, it will take some time for sanity to kick in again, if ever.
    • Nov 9 2013: Lejan is right once in a while. Long live Lejan.
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        Nov 11 2013: Two more of these compliments and I am going to turn immortal against my explicit will! :o)
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    Nov 7 2013: You never know,the world is such a nasty place,people's prejudice has been ingrained from the moment we were born.
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    Nov 19 2013: The media, and even the status quo hardly represent the views of westerners in general. Many of us are aware that the current drone program is a perverted redefinition of war, one that violate's other nations' soveriegnty while leaving their people living in fear.

    The media makes itself to appear to represent the views of the public, as a subtle way of manipulating the public to hold the opinions that it would like them to hold.
  • Nov 17 2013: It is unfortunate that you find such a gap in levels of sympathy via the wording of the media. But I feel that each nation has it's own sense of loyalty and personal bias. Differences in social mores in each society changes the way an action is viewed and treated. It is unproductive to blame one entity or another for any perceived slight when one remembers that the media is never a true indicator of the sentiment of an entire nation. That would be unfeasible and ludicrous. Instead the media is a tool to try and bend attitudes which is ineffective, once one is slapped in the face with the true agenda behind such a far reaching action. In a nutshell, you need not worry, unless you too have been manipulated by medias tactics. It all ends with you; which is empowering enough.
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      Nov 17 2013: I understand your point, and I believe what you said is more likely to apply to the real world. ' the media is never a true indicator of the sentiment of an entire nation',that's exactly I believe to be the truth.

      Thank you for your comments, I feel more released after seeing your words.
  • Nov 11 2013: To be completely honest, I find it to be in both our best interests for me to digress from maintaining the aforementioned sentiment in our conversation. I make no apologies for the following, while acknowledging the unfortunate circumstances through which DICTATE the premise that underlies your inaccurate responses.

    The meticulous undertaking required in addressing the falsehoods that are found unnervingly consistent throughout the entirety of your response are overwhelmingly demanding. Nor do I believe it would be appropriate for me to do so, for my intentions behind participation on TED aim to promote constructive interactions.

    With regards to the purpose of this talk, any support or justifying of terrorist acts in media only undermines the integrity in journalism and serves to only further distract from acknowledging the heinous nature of said events. The dynamics present with regards to the relationship between the Chinese government and the Uyghurs are disheartening to say the least. Upon any relatively extensive review, it's rather apparent that neither party maintains any order of operations or forms of disposition that are conducive towards civility.

    "Actually the censorship does not block us from seeing the truth,we still have access to see the world,to listen to the views, even the views completely on the opposite of the government."

    This bold-faced lie and brazen claim alone should constitute the termination of your membership and participation on TED. That's certainly an idea worth spreading, especially to consider the ease of access of those in the western world to the facts, not just opinions that directly contradict your claims.
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      Nov 15 2013: I admire your straightforwardness,and encourage.The interactions being carried out are what I wanted to hear,and conducive to the reduction of misunderstanding. With regard to your comments,I totally agree with your the third paragraph of your comments.

      Your perception of the authenticity of my words is based on groundless source,I dont know how your come to this conclusion. At least,I live in China,I know China better than you. ' the premise that underlies your inaccurate responses',to what extent are my responses being inaccurate,and what are the accurate info if my words are inaccurate.

      Now,I am responding to your comments under the tightly implemented firm wall,I could access to CNN,BBC,even White House websites. Your false-accusation and insults to my explanation of my true conditions are disrespects to your education and wide-ranged info you received. You dont even know you need a proof to disapprove one's statement,you are hysterical because you dont know how to debate with true knowledge or firsthand experience.

      I would like to discuss with you with respect and based on verified info,not just naive assumptions or manipulated info.
      • Nov 16 2013: "Other news organizations have come under similar pressure. The websites of The New York Times, including a new Chinese-language edition, were blocked when it published an article in October 2012 on the family wealth of Wen Jiabao, then the prime minister. Like Bloomberg, The Times has also not received residency visas for new journalists. "

        Read entire article for further understanding as to the censorship. Just because you can access sites, doesn't mean that you have the ability to view all of the content. I'm astounded that you continue to beat the drum on this one, when it's no secret to the rest of the world.

        " We Chinese dont believe in any religion"
        Again, wrong....

        "The number of dissents and protesters is acceptable, no government could guarantee its people 100% satisfied,even in the US, protests exist,Occupying Wallstreet is a case."

        Acceptable to suppress... ?

        China To Close Notorious Re-Education Through Labor Camps |
        Step in the right direction...

        "You dont even know you need a proof to disapprove one's statement,you are hysterical because you dont know how to debate with true knowledge or firsthand experience."
        The proof is readily available, seek and you shall find...

        I hope the best for you and all those living in China.
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          Nov 18 2013: Glad to continue our conversation. I enjoyed the exchange of ideas. Actually,I've read all the articles you shared above.I got what you are trying to indicate.

          The truth is I cant be convinced merely by reading those articles. I have developed a mentality that no info reported by media is an absolute true,namely, I am skeptical to the stories reported by media,I think most of people are. Therefore,your evidences borrowed from unstable sources,are feeble in upholding your stance.

          May I ask you a question respectfully,can you read Chinese articles,or have you ever read the stories you showed in their Mandarin version? If not,I have to say you are not that persuasive in arguing to me,because it's obvious the more extensive your perspectives of seeing a issue,the closer you are to truth. That's your disadvantage,because if you read the cases above in their Chinese version,even in a widely deemed free and neutral media place,HongKong,the causes and consequences are totally different.

          I have to say you are an expert in the study of contemporary China at least,I respect all those.The events and status quo you introduced about China are very much relevant to every single one of us.

          There is no escape that Chinese government has done a lot of suppression,and things that dont apply to the western values.I've never tried,and will not try to deny and cover faults of Chinese government,because that goes counter to my own judgement and value.

          My purpose of posting this conversation and my contentions are:
          1.We all need to be open-minded,and level-minded,not to be misled by any government or media.
          2.No act of attacking innocent tourists is justifiable,justifying it will not benefit any of us,but to deepen our misunderstandings.
          3.CNN's negligence and apathy is not acceptable,,no matter you have every reason to track down the deep causes of the terrorist attack,compassion and respects should be payed to the dead and injured.
          3.Any straightforward thoughts are welcomed.
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    Nov 10 2013: When Western nations were exporting terrorism around the world - most often simply to promote small minded and self serving political and corporate power and control agendas in foreign lands - their respective medias were either applauding or ignoring the consequences of such actions.

    But when those consequences eventually came home in very dramatic and tragic ways the same, or simply similar, political and corporate interests then seized the opportunity to grab even more power and control for themselves at home while pointing accusing fingers everywhere but at themselves and once again their media outlets have been more than happy to carry their banners.

    In other words, arrogance, self-righteousness and petty self-interest are at the center of your apathy and schadenfreude concerns and Western media is just as vulnerable to this hubris as are their political and corporate puppeteers.
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    Nov 10 2013: Jaden, I can totally understand your statement. I think that terrorism has been defined for the westerners. This is a media thing and not a people thing. There are good people everywhere and also bad.

    Much of what has been controlled media is now being shown as untrue by cell phones and computers. Many of the incidents of the past have been kept secret by the government and government press.

    As a example in the USA we will never know the facts about Benghazi because the person with overall responsibility is seeking the office of President. We have just found out about the truths that the administration knew in 2010 about Obamacare. We are now aware of the deeds of NSA, Homeland Security, entitlements, drones, the complete failure of the State Department, unemployment statistics, our economy and all sorts of lies and cover ups for the last six years.

    These lies and cover ups could never have bee possible without the full cooperation of the media. In order to maintain a somewhat informed view of the world and our (USA) government I watch BBC, China Today, RT and the local news. I put all of the pieces on the table and try to make a puzzle complete and discard all of the pieces left over.

    That is a shame. I cannot trust my government or my countries media.

    So in summary .... many are "sheeple" and believe everything they are told and their view will always what their master tell them it should be ... therefore .. yes ... there is a bias ... but not all the fault of the westerners.

    Always remember that governments do not have emotions, or care about their citizens they only have interests. That being the power and wealth of those in office and their ability to maintain that position.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Nov 15 2013: I firmly believe what you said is the condition of any society in the world. To some extent,we people are unfortunate,because we could not trust our government or media, they are controlled and manipulated by some people,I dont know who they are ,and how they do it.

      I think we, the people of the world are the same,we all have bias and faults,we have no reason to deny it. However, neglecting our own faults is not a right way for ourselves are the unity of mankind,we must act on our own and move forward,to reduce those negatives in our hearts. I think we all know the those attributes,honesty,diligence,love,integrity,etc.

      Be well.Jaden
  • Nov 9 2013: The story you cited is on CNN. CNN Is a WESTERN news outlet. You have just disproved your own prejudices about the West.
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    Nov 9 2013: Western nations have no high ground to stand on when it comes to terrorism since every one of them has created, supported and/or engaged in their own terrorism over the agess and especially during the past 60 years or so. Anyone else wonder what happened to all the "freedom fighters" of the 20th century? In particular, during WWII 'terror bombing', namely the unrelenting devastation of non-military targets in order to demoralize populations, was championed by many Western governments and their compliant media time and time again.

    But now that so many of the mercenaries that Western nations supported have turned on their backers terrorism has become a terrible thing.
    • Nov 9 2013: Therefore, we should just chuckle and smile when terrorists kill someone, right?
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        Nov 10 2013: or suck it up and honestly accept the West's own culpability.. The first principle of dealing with any problem is understanding its origins.
  • Nov 7 2013: Tolerance only gets you so far, that is, until confronted by intolerance. 'State Religions' discriminate and demoralize by implied virtue of their authority. As too, the suppression of dissent by oppressive governments only promotes illicit activities and the fostering of extremist acts.

    Suspicion is inevitable within a society accustomed to freedom of press, especially when events disrupt the strongest of normalcy bias' and/or conflict with established socially acceptable paradigms. Many westerners attribute a propensity for evil to everyone, even those thought to subscribe to the same allegiances. With the abundance of sources reporting and the resulting multitude of rational inferences, it's difficult for westerners to accept inconclusiveness. This is a common thread through out western media, and instances of irresponsible reporting only makes matters more confusing.

    Yet, even when the facts are clearly outlined, many deny the provided answers as a result of various defense mechanisms. Simply their emotional state and an inability to rationalize the events further serve to perpetuate suspicions.

    With regards to any examples of 'schadenfreude' exhibited by western media, I think you're mistaken as to the sentiment behind their coverage of events. Sympathy seemingly gets brushed aside while they focused on logical analysis' of the attack and in doing so ultimately negates empathy. Of course, individuals express their sympathies with in the media, but their primary concern is reporting information and attempting clarify the details of events.

    It's not the media's job to be the national harbinger of sympathy and instill a sense of unity into the masses. Many find a sense of unity through freedoms shared, for they acknowledge cultural differences and aim to protect an individual's civil liberties, as it serves to retain their own.

    Humanity will begin unifying once freedom reigns and oppressive governments fall.
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      Nov 8 2013: A biased medium has no gene for neutral reports. They intend to justify any group that is opposing Chinese government. This is obviously not a sign of neutral and responsible attitude. It is through piling up negative reports of China,that they succeed in portraying a country of notoriety. As a result,our mutual understandings and closeness discounted,people from different sides became negative about the other side. The evidence is you can hardly see a CNN article reporting China's positives. The media mislead the people.

      If the lack of expected sentiment is understandable, but the negligence of the victims, is not a responsible report. At least,respect should be payed to the dead and injured.

      I am not defending an oppressive government, freedom is a shared aspiration,but the angle to see it is that its own people have more say than the outsiders.

      Humanity won't be unifying when freedom being shared to every single one of us. Freedom reigns the US, apparently the Americans have not unified within,violence,discrimination still exist.

      If we all deepen our mutual respect and understanding, wiling to accept other people's culture and character,we will be more likely to be unified. So,break down prejudice, try to think as your 'enemy' thinks.
      • Nov 8 2013: I personally draw a thick line between the people and any governing bodies through out the world with regards to attaching any notoriety. Let me ask... Are people supposed to just brush off reports coming form the Congressional-Executive Commission on China that states:

        "The narrow protections for religious activity in China contravene international human rights standards. Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights recognizes not only the right to "freedom of thought, conscience, and religion" but also the right to manifest religion or belief through "worship, observance, practice and teaching." 3 The government continued to legally recognize only five religions: Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism, and Taoism.4 Groups wishing to practice these religions must register with the government and are subject to ongoing state controls.5"?

        Would it not support notions of mutual understandings and closeness when the western world advocates for the Chineese government to adopt a more tolerant stances on religion? If anything, these negative reports aim to support the people of China.

        "I am not defending an oppressive government, freedom is a shared aspiration,but the angle to see it is that its own people have more say than the outsiders."
        Under an oppressive government, one who practices the suppression of dissent and targets rights lawyers during the "annual inspection and assessment process" by denying professional license renewals, China's 'own people' are left with very little say. Then to consider the censorship and regulation of the media, it's a joke to suggest that the people have a say. It's easy enough just to toss around some "inciting subversion of state power" charges.

        I mean cmon, how many examples of violating or non-compliance with international human rights standards need be cited in order to acknowledge the obvious unification deterrents that are a product of the Chinese government's oppressive state?
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          Nov 9 2013: What the 'reports coming form the Congressional-Executive Commission ' tells is only a lopsided info,we won't merely accept it,we would track down to test it,in the modern world we have so many access to info. I never trust the state-run media,especially in politics.

          But don't forget my purpose to start this talk is to talk about a fair attitude and reports to terrorism,and why CNN try to justify a terrorist attack. I think respect and sympathy should be payed,under no circumstance is an attack on the innocent tourists is justifiable.

          I think we could not avoid talking about politics. I recognize all your charges on the oppressive government honestly. But the effect of the prohibitions is so tiny for us,not like your media says. We Chinese dont believe in any religion,I never see lives of people around me being impeded because of the restriction. The number of dissents and protesters is acceptable, no government could guarantee its people 100% satisfied,even in the US, protests exist,Occupying Wallstreet is a case. The point is your media exaggerate the dissent,the lawyer case is a tool held by the US.

          Believe it or not, the overwhelmingly large Chinese are living happily and laboriously,we are free to pursue our happiness. This is a side your media won't show you.Also the people who benefit from this government is countless.,they are the people have more say than the outsiders.

          Actually the censorship does not block us from seeing the truth,we still have access to see the world,to listen to the views, even the views completely on the opposite of the government.

          I am not denying the faults of our government, just recommend all of us to open our mind and dont be misled by any government or media.
      • Nov 9 2013: The irony of whining about "bias" when speaking of the Chinese government...
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          Nov 9 2013: You are the cynical commentator marginalize yourself from TED users.
      • Nov 9 2013: Sorry, I'm immune to that flavor of propagandization. Tienanmen Square massacre, 1989--what is the official Chinese government statement?
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          Nov 10 2013: That was an inhuman massacre,history will tell us the truth. Btw, that happened before I was born, I recommend you to talk it to the witness and the people related to the event, because you won't get anything from my memory.
  • Nov 7 2013: The problem starts with how you define a terrorist.
    "Utilization of terror and intimidation tactics to attain a political end" covers what the vast majority of nation states do, in addition to non-state armed organizations.
    Common use on the other hand, is more along the lines of "anything I don't like that utilizes anything even remotely similar to violence". Sort of like how fascism has come to mean "politics I don't like" in common usage.

    The rest is just good old fashion hypocrisy. Everybody in the world has it, to some extent.
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      Nov 8 2013: I agree with you,we are all same type of hypocrisy. If so,you admire the people who admit it,rather than those who pass themselves off as decent judges.
  • Nov 7 2013: Are Chinese people trained by nationalist propaganda to imagine Western conspiracies and insults to their nation and culture?

    The answer to both of our questions is yes.
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      Nov 8 2013: Nobody could be trained,we all have our own judgement. You hold that perception because you are trained to see the 'truth' only by the misinformation of biased reports on media.
      • Nov 8 2013: I thought no one could be trained?

        You are right, there is bias. But that makes it difficult to infer intent.Less than 5 minutes ago: You are right, there is bias. And when both parties have biases or prejudices, they will accuse the other bias whether or not there actually is any.

        It is also noteworthy, by and large, that bias is an accidental action. But if you wish to educate us, you must be equally willing to be educated yourself. And you may find that one side needs more education than the other.

        I suspect we each believe our own side to be the one with the clearer point of view.
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          Nov 9 2013: Yes indeed, our eyes will be veiled if we learn the world merely through one side information. What the media report is one thing,how we perceive is a whole different thing. As a Chinese point of view,how the state-run media report is one thing,how we consider it is true or not is the other thing.

          I don't think any side has more clearer point of view, the basis of any debate is that we should be fair and square with another. Don't judge ourselves are right,they are wrong.

          We all have to reflect on ourselves first,not point finger and say they are the bad guy,we are superior.