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Are westerners biased in defining a terrorist act

It seems that any atrocity on innocent people on the west countries' ground is authentic terrorism, while it occurs in countries like China,apathy and schadenfreude appear in the western media,,instead of sympathy and unity. They intentionally turn a black eye on the victims,seem to justify the act as decent rant.
Why some westerners are this cold? Respect should be payed to the innocent victims,not negligence.Recent terrorist act in Beijing completely reveals some people's double-standards and hypocrisy. The reports on CNN really squeezed my heart,


why could not us all united, west and east, African and Asian,Christian and Muslim,etc,that is the way it should be.


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  • Nov 7 2013: Are Chinese people trained by nationalist propaganda to imagine Western conspiracies and insults to their nation and culture?

    The answer to both of our questions is yes.
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      Nov 8 2013: Nobody could be trained,we all have our own judgement. You hold that perception because you are trained to see the 'truth' only by the misinformation of biased reports on media.
      • Nov 8 2013: I thought no one could be trained?

        You are right, there is bias. But that makes it difficult to infer intent.Less than 5 minutes ago: You are right, there is bias. And when both parties have biases or prejudices, they will accuse the other bias whether or not there actually is any.

        It is also noteworthy, by and large, that bias is an accidental action. But if you wish to educate us, you must be equally willing to be educated yourself. And you may find that one side needs more education than the other.

        I suspect we each believe our own side to be the one with the clearer point of view.
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          Nov 9 2013: Yes indeed, our eyes will be veiled if we learn the world merely through one side information. What the media report is one thing,how we perceive is a whole different thing. As a Chinese point of view,how the state-run media report is one thing,how we consider it is true or not is the other thing.

          I don't think any side has more clearer point of view, the basis of any debate is that we should be fair and square with another. Don't judge ourselves are right,they are wrong.

          We all have to reflect on ourselves first,not point finger and say they are the bad guy,we are superior.

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