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If you have no capital how you going to start a business ?

Business is a wheel of every economy. Before starting a business what you need to do ? Besides if you have no capital how you going to start a business ?

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    Nov 13 2013: If your business requires start-up capital, then you can't start it without it. ..

    But some businesses may only require investment of time, talent, hard-work and sacrifice to begin generating revenue.
  • Nov 11 2013: Develop a very good plan. read books like think and grow rich and get to know yourself, and your market. learn about positive psychology to develop your character. Get high quality mentors whom you aspire to emulate and do luminosity exercises every day to work those critical areas of the brain that make you a better, sharper you.
  • Nov 9 2013: I don't know. What about taking one step at a time?
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    Nov 8 2013: It depends what kind of business you want to start.
    Not every startup requires initial capital.
    If you also have a great business idea and put together a coherent business plan you can go and ask for financing.
  • Nov 7 2013: You can trade services if you have skills or time to offer, until you have some capital.
    • Nov 10 2013: The important thing is that the person who came up with the idea good enough to start a business around, must also be smart enough to make it happen.

      Regardless of what you start with, even just the idea, it is possible to 'raise' all the capital you need, without having any of it personally, by a variety of creative methods. I have suggested partnerships, collaborations, Lejan suggested crowd funding, and there are many ways.

      A couple of distinctions: This is all "capital" you didn't have to start with, all you had to do was present an idea to people who could assist.

      Second point, the person who had the great idea should not let themselves become a victim of it.

      Many people will tell you how things cannot be done as that is their life view. I will tell you that once you start to move with an idea, if it is a good idea, quite often, life will start to move with you.

      There is a saying "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come", and I like to keep this in mind. I have seen it work many, many times.
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    Nov 13 2013: Positive thinking, hard work, knowing your limits and capacities, being development-minded and persistent, asking for help, studying the market for your service or product, being good, and taking risks.
  • Nov 13 2013: Suppose that we both know each other and I send you a proposal of a business idea in your email what questions you would like to ask me ? Please make sure that you do not ask following questions :

    1)What is the business Idea?
    2)How we will raise the capital ?
    3)How to market and sell the products or services?

    I am just looking for one question which will be a key to discover that whether you have an Entrepreneurial mindset or Job Seekers mindset .

    If you are already an Entrepreneur then still I would like to know your question .
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    Nov 11 2013: 1. Borrow your initial capitals from others or banks.
    2. Let some rich people be your investors or business-partners.
    3. Trade your services or ideas with money.
    4. Start your business later when you have enough money if there's no way out.
    5. Consider starting some business without money if possible. For Example, online business?...
    6. Keep yourself well-informed with all the business related information to find out where your potential chance is.
  • Nov 10 2013: As someone who has never had a job and always been in business since school, I have lots of ideas about this topic. However, the first thing is getting yourself set up correctly - including your attoitude and the environment around you, to be a person who can actually be in business.

    That means an understanding of yourself and who you are - whether you are the right person to be in business, or would you be better as an employee.

    Then, there are things like goalsetting, creating a team around you, having a passion for something you want to make a business of, and so much more.

    I have written more about it here at and have run seminars on this very topic for two decades.

    I hope this helps.. Best of luck with it,

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    Nov 8 2013: you don't. you need to get capital.
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      Nov 8 2013: Let me help you out here as it seems needed:

      How to rise capital to start a business?
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        Nov 8 2013: depends on the type of the business, the country, and the phase of the moon
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          Nov 8 2013: The country is given and the business not as important as a good business plan, which we just assume at this point to be at hand.

          The moon does seem to effect at least some individuals, yet let us also assume that it is negligible in this case.

          And any clever advise under those boundary conditions? Or just the usual?
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        Nov 8 2013: to you? maybe to stop being a pita?
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          Nov 8 2013: Not to me Krisztián, as you may noticed iftahaz ahmed started this question here and I was just trying to help your answer to overcome the obvious.
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        Nov 8 2013: you are his agent or what? to him, i recommended to get capital
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          Lejan .

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          Nov 8 2013: As I was helping your answer to overcome the obvious, whose agent does this make me?

          The key here lays in the additional information which was given:

          'Besides if you have no capital how you going to start a business?'

          To understand this and to answer in somewhat meaningful ways it takes to sense its implicit meaning, which I rephrased for you in hope you would then add useful and helpful information for iftahaz ahmed, given the fact that you have read so many important books about economics.

          So you may try again.
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        Nov 8 2013: my bad. congratulations for being such a nice guy.
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          Nov 8 2013: There is nothing good or bad in misunderstanding, happens to all of us, all the time.

          What would be interesting to know, now that we settled on this one, is, what you may share from your theoretical as well as from your practical experience and background how to attract capital to start a business.

          I may be mistaken, yet good advice on this may not only be in iftahaz ahmed interest.

          Do you like to share?
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          Nov 10 2013: No? Nothing to share? How come?
      • Nov 10 2013: Not every start-up needs capital - often if you are passionate about a great business idea, you can create opportunities where people will want to work with you, because of the strength of your idea, and your passion for it. At times like those, items needed, equipment, resources seem to 'become available' and whilst that sounds crazy, I have seen it often in my 2 decades of business consulting.

        Collaborating with friends who have resources can be good, but you MUST have a great partnership or business agreement in place first, with everything covered.

        Most importantly, you need to have your head right, and be the sort of person who is up to running a business. I wrote on this topic at length on this post and there is so much more to it.

        Good luck!
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    Nov 7 2013: Do you have access where you are to agencies that provide microfinance? Have you looked into places like Kiva?