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The human population is at the limit. We are killing children by making babies too fast.

The definition of "at the limit" is the situation where the population cannot grow as fast as the birth rate demands. This results in premature death, specifically childhood death.

To understand this, imagine a static environment where a stable quantity of sustenance arrives daily. In that environment if the population is at the limit of how many people that sustenance can keep alive, and the adults average 3 babies, then 1/3 of the children must die. If the adults average 4, then 1/2 of the children must die. Notice that the birth rate dictates the child mortality rate.

This concept does not change if we alter the environment or our techniques for extracting sustenance such that we are expanding the amount of sustenance. In other words we can be in the situation where we are expanding our capacity, but not as fast as the births are demanding, and thus some portion of the child mortality is caused by breeding too fast. This means we cannot use the total child mortality rate as an indicator of whether we are suffering this problem or not.

To prevent this a TwoFourEightPlus system is required. This means no more than 2 children, 4 grandchildren for you parents, 8 great grands for your grandparents, plus some are allowed to have more to make up for others that do not meet TwoFourEight (Note: do not count dead children in this calculation). This system has never existed, thus humans have never controlled their fertility.

Given that humans have existed for a long time, never controlled their fertility, and anything above an average of 2 children attempts to grow our numbers exponentially, we must assume that we are at the limit. Scientists do not assume this. They assume the opposite.

Note, before you supply some comment about how humans limit their fertility, make sure you comprehend the difference between something that lowers fertility and something that will ensure it is low enough such that births are not killing.


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    Nov 19 2013: Fascism is not the problem.
    It's about the mistakes. Let's be honest, where you have people, you have mistakes.
    So, some prolific country bumpkin has 8 kids.
    Now what? Do we cut this bumpkin's prolific throat? Drown these kids in potato bags at the river?

    How do we make the 2-4-8 thing work in the real world? I can't list all the great solutions I am aware that seem to go south when people get included and this looks like another one.
    • Nov 21 2013: I am concluding there is no point in responding to the "fascist" type of comments. They serve no purpose.

      In addition, I would rather steer this topic towards what we must know, instead of worrying about what we must do. I would rather not spend time discussing how to make the TwoFourEight thing work because right now almost nobody knows it. The reason I described it is to show a mechanism that is required for us to conclude that our fertility is not being limited to ensure we are not attempting to grow our numbers faster than they can be accommodated. In other words because that mechanism has never existed, we have to conclude that our numbers have generally always been at the limit.

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