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How can we as a society better care for these highly functional mentally ill people who holds the potential for creating mass shootings?

In the last 12 months, there has been 11 mass shootings across the USA. All of these were committed by highly functional persons who were in the 'grey area' of mental illness. These people choose to self destruct into their own delusions. Their family and friends turned a blind eye towards them since they dont know how to work with them. How as a society can we better care for these people to prevent their own self destruction?


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  • Nov 8 2013: Are you talking about the congress?
    • Erik B

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      Nov 11 2013: No. I am talking about all levels of society. What nonprofit or other organizations are out there and how do they serve the greater good?
      • Nov 11 2013: Yes I am aware of your intentions however I could not think of four words to better describe congress than "highly functional mentally ill" and they certainly "hold the potential for creating mass shootings" since they can and do start wars at will. As for other citizens, they don't get that way over night. Most of them have long histories of abuse in one way or another, so if we really want to solve the problem maybe we should stop the abuse.

        "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated"- Gandhi
        150 billion animals are slaughter every year so how great is that???
        Einstein said doing the same thing over and over then expecting different results is crazy.
        That is precisely what's going on here, we abuse people and animals so eventually they strike back, then we wonder why... "Insanity is hurting for pleasure"- Keith W Henline

        How often do you see people hurting others for pleasure.... The training starts young, look at our games, movies, news or think about how families treat each other or what they experience in school or even church (Muslims and Christians make up the majority and they are the most vile and violent organizations ever on this earth and they have a lot of nerve to even mention God).

        It is everywhere so I would naturally expect the violence to continue and get worst until we become aware of our own actions and the obvious consequences.

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