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Is pessimism the new religion?

Against all odds, we can feed seven billion people living on higher standards than ever before, and maintain world peace between democracies.
Yet far from rejoicing it seems most people hold on to the belief that humanity is doomed, to the belief that the world has never been in a worse state.
Pessimists believe in a coming apocalypse, believe in a past Eden from which humans fell because of environmental fuck-up, and instead of infidels we have corporations playing the bad guys. Pessimists also have purifying rituals to wash their sins.


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    Nov 8 2013: Do you confuse pessimism with realism on purpose?
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      Nov 8 2013: I don't expect pessimists to consider themselves other than realists. Nor do I expect the religious to consider themselves superstitious.
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        Nov 8 2013: And this expectations are based on what and whom? And what could protect optimism from similar misperceptions? You?
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          Nov 9 2013: This expectation is based on definition. Deluded people don't call themselves deluded, whether optmisists or pessimists.
          What you could do is deffend your pessimism (or realism) with arguments.
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        Nov 9 2013: Who do you think calls themselves deluded? And are they right in doing so in that moment?

        By your definition I see no need to defend, as you already made your mind.
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          Nov 9 2013: I was reacting to this : " Do you confuse pessimism with realism on purpose?"
          Which I find to be of no interest to this discussion unless you care to give motives for your opinions.
          I may have made my mind, but the fact that I've provided a few arguments gives people leverage to refute them and possibly change my opinion.
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        Nov 9 2013: Change your opinion? What for? To get you real? To fill in the blanks you left open in your short list of arguments? Thats all observable if you so chose to.

        You have reasons why you deny the environmental fuck-up. Maybe due to a lack of imagination or due to dogmas of another 'religion' or because you delude yourself, or combinations of this and other reasons, yet whatever it is, it got you off sync with natures reality.

        Maybe any apocalypse finds its cheerleader and any sinking ship its band to play on even naturally, as some of us will always whistle in the dark.

        So why would I stop this if it helps you to cope with it?
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          Nov 10 2013: So your kill argument to restrain from deffending your point is imagery from Titanic and more of that "Thou gavest them eyes but they cannot see" arrogance.
          You can do better than that.
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        Nov 10 2013: Start with man-made climate change and compare the needs with what is really done or accomplished.
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        Nov 11 2013: It's never to late to start this comparison.
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          Nov 11 2013: So let's compare. Please give an instance of something that needs to be done and NEVER will.
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        Nov 11 2013: So you don't have any idea yourself? Its 2013 and nothing comes on your mind on this? You as well can do better than that.

        In the given context it may help you to exchange NEVER with TO LATE, which makes for a complete different outcome for your comparison.

        Come on Gerald, its not that difficult, is it? Just take what we know is needed and compare this with what you see on the day to day basis on local as well as on international levels.

        And? Any spark of insight?
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          Nov 11 2013: if you are not a politician already, you should be. the amount of hints and insults, empty rhetoric with absolutely zero actual arguments is mind boggling. it is a unique skill that should not be wasted on a forum. it deserves some higher use.

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