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Do you have an idea or some infomation that you would like to share that Innovative, fascinating, little known or ground breaking ?

I am looking for something that I have never come accross before. I am from the older generation and my work situation has enabled me to read an enormous amount. Just trying a shortcut. If you share I will too.
Please no religion(conjecture) or cynics(over it).


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  • Nov 19 2013: Yes Sir, I've got your "Innovative," "fascinating," "little known" AND "ground breaking"!

    Your're probably looking for something better than the mysterious Boonsburg Egg guy.
    And your're probably looking for somethinge even bigger than http://www.theforgottentechnology.com/ (Note the first pic here allows the easy "rolling" of the "smaller" square block.) (note that the huge blocks are moved by nothing more than elbow-grease and fulcrums)
    And then there's Miley Cyrus.

    But, seriously, I save the best of the best for last... http://meru.org/MeruProject.html !
    I suggest to 99% of everyone - to start with the introductions by Stan Tenen, Cynthia Gage, & Virginia Meyer, this page http://meru.org/FAQ.html - and probably the original edit of his video "First Light."

    Note that this is smack in the middle of "religion"* (mostly the non-conjecture side, I think) & geometry**; so if you have an aversion to either, (or "either," if that's how you pronounce it), be forewarned, even his friends fall off his fence.

    And really, how can you ignore a self-embedded "Bagel Theory of reality," (his joke), that ties-together the Abrahamic faiths, the human hand, epigenetics, the gestural origin of language, a link between consciousness & physical reality, A.I., and possibly a dozen of the world's major "artifacts," ("Plato's Cave," "Newton's Apple," the Muslim Moon & Star, the "heart" symbol, & "Mt. Meru" [which could be the Sri Yantra in 3D - http://www.meru.org/OLDMERU20091224/Yantra.jpeg ]).

    * He does go to the Kaballa for hints once in a while, (he also went to the literally green-ink writings of some who claim to have been in UFOs). But he does seem to eventually tie his conclusions strongly together with the geometry of the shapes of the Torah letters, and does not wince at sharing his mistakes; as he says, he's really rediscovering this in pieces - in a slew of simple, elegant, and striking geometrical images.
    ** ...actually, 50.5% geometry - in my humble opinion.
    • Nov 21 2013: Thanks Steve. I was unaware of forgotten technology or meru.
      Will investigate!

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