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Do you have an idea or some infomation that you would like to share that Innovative, fascinating, little known or ground breaking ?

I am looking for something that I have never come accross before. I am from the older generation and my work situation has enabled me to read an enormous amount. Just trying a shortcut. If you share I will too.
Please no religion(conjecture) or cynics(over it).


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  • Nov 8 2013: Hi Kieron, there are more atoms in a teaspoonful of water than there are teaspoons full of water in the Atlantic Ocean.
    Why have so many micro organisms evolved the ability to survive in interplanetary space if they've never been there?
    Why do the walls of the Sphinx enclosure at Giza seem to have been eroded by thousands of years of heavy rain?
    Science is knocking on the door of quantum computing, human cloning, martian colonies and contained fusion but still can't explain why hot water freezes faster than cold water.
    • Nov 10 2013: All good stuff Nik. Quantum physics eludes me unfortunately.
      Brian Greene's "The Fabric of the Cosmos" claims to have a few of the answers if only I could understand it.
      • Nov 13 2013: Aaahh it's wonderful stuff if you can get a taste for it, but I think looking for answers may be a bit optimistic. Einstein didn't believe it existed, Feynman said anyone who thought they understood the answer hadn't understood the question and it's most famous thought experiment (Schrodingers Cat), was designed to prove that the whole idea was preposterous. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.
        • Nov 14 2013: I have seen all the stuff Nic.I do have an interest in physics. I just don't quite have the brain power.
          My reason for posing the question is because we only find out about ideas because people are confident within themselves and because they publish.
          I suspect that there are a lot of people out there who have the idea but don't necessarily have the opportunity or the medium to put it out there. TED provides the medium and the privacy.
          For instance my main interest is the human condition and I believe that the major influence on the human condition throughout all time has been the incidence of psychopathy. Crazy eh?

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