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Do you have an idea or some infomation that you would like to share that Innovative, fascinating, little known or ground breaking ?

I am looking for something that I have never come accross before. I am from the older generation and my work situation has enabled me to read an enormous amount. Just trying a shortcut. If you share I will too.
Please no religion(conjecture) or cynics(over it).


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  • Nov 7 2013: Here are a few:

    1. Most countries and states have an unclaimed property department associated with their treasury that has a big searchable database that is free. Looking in these databases for your family and friends may be rewarding, but looking up charities, government entities, academic institutions, etc. may be surprising.

    2. You can buy very big plastic Fresnel lenses from Edmund Scientific(big enough to spot weld). I have always thought that building a small, floating solar water heating unit that was capable of converting saltwater to fresh was something 'doable' and may help a lot of people in remote areas.

    3. Information about genealogy and family lore that you record and share is a great gift at Christmas and a good conversation starter at family gatherings.

    4. Taking the top 200 digital photos you shot during the year, editing them, and then making a DVD with some Christmas Carols makes a good Christmas present. Also,put a black cloth and white cloth in your photo bag as temp backdrops and, oh yea, a tripod REALLY increases the sharpness of most photos, as will a timer.

    5. If you can learn to take pleasure in doing nice things for others, you will have the power to generate your own positive energy, and you may disprove the adage energy can not be created (in a sense). Think of it, with one good deed, you feel good, the recipient feels good, and anyone that witnesses the action feels good and perhaps that there is hope for humanity.

    6. Amazon sells a lot of used books for less than one dollar. Pick a subject, then sort on lowest price.

    7. Every task becomes a learning point is you know hoe to do it and share the knowledge with someone who has never done it before.

    8. Happiness starts from within.
    • Nov 8 2013: Love your mind Robert. Thanks for that. Great start I hope that I am able to return the favour.

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