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what is the nature of talk radio in other countries?

Here in the U.S. we have pretty great talk radio. It is where the host talks on the radio, sometimes with guests, and the audience at home can call in on the telephone and talk with the host and guests on the air. I've done it many times, it's very cool. I'm thinking it would be a great way for TED conversation folks to spread their ideas, it's very challenging because you have to think on your feet, sometimes in front of an audience of many thousands of people.

Do other countries have similar "talk radio"?

  • Nov 7 2013: I know it exists in the lot of the developed world, and even in a lot of developing countries. The question is, how well is it fairing?

    Where I live (Israel), talk radio is dying a slow death as its being replaced by television and the internet. People still listen to it while they drive, and the elderly still listen to it as a matter of course, but like the newspaper, its on the decline and may well be on its way out.
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      Nov 9 2013: now in talk radio in israel can the audience at home call in and talk with the host and guests on the air? Possibly this is rather unique, or do you have this opportunity on television and internet as well? I know in TED conversations we can converse in public with each other and many people may read our conversations, but I don't find it as challenging because you don't have to think on your feet, you can take as long as you want to compose a written reply. Talking on the radio I find very difficult, it really stretches me.
      • Nov 9 2013: There is no real technical difficulty in replicating that particular feat using television or internet. A live broadcast and a telephone is really all you need. Its not usually done, not in radio nor some other medium (at least where I live) because producers like to have tighter control over the content in their programming.
        I honestly can't blame them; I wouldn't want random callers on my show either.
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          Nov 9 2013: thanks, Nadav. No, there's no difficulty, but does anyone do it? It is a great opportunity to hear from a broad cross-section of people.

          I've called in and been on the air over 200 times. Almost every show has a person who screens the calls, in other words first you have to tell the screener off the air what you want to talk about, and they decide whether you get to go on the air. So it's not completely random. In fact, in my mind this is what makes "talk radio," it's not really talk radio if the audience is not calling in and talking.

          What is your story, do you have places where you can express yourself and lots of people hear you? Besides TED conversations. For example, do you ever get on TV or radio? Do you ever send a letter to the editor of a magazine or newspaper and have it published? I do all these things, and they feel really good.