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what do you do in your pajamas and bathrobe?

One day I was tired and was staying home most of the day. I realized I needed to go to the market across the street for a few things, but then I would come home again and stay home. I asked myself should I change from my pajamas to go to the market, but then I thought I would just have to change back when I returned home. So I just went to the market in my pajamas and bathrobe. True, it drew some giggles, but people seemed to be laughing with me, not at me.


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    Nov 17 2013: Is that your face Greg? You look good, man ;)
    I like your knack of asking honest questions with a funny twist. But for this one I do not hope to be as honest to let you know what do I do in pajamas and bathrobe. Not in a public forum.
    Jokes apart, I gave corporate presentation (fully dressed in business suit) with slippers on my feet. I have also drove out with my tee worn inside out. But difference is that you are suggesting to go out in bathrobes or pajamas as a matter of convenience, aren't you.
    Good idea but I shall want designer pajamas and fashion bathrobes then. You won't believe how silly my pajamas look.
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      Nov 17 2013: yes, all seven feet and 500 pounds of me;)
      now, pabitra, you know the more honest you are, the more you get coming back.
      Now how did the slippers work, because when you rose to walk from your chair to the podium, everyone saw the slippers?
      yes, I'm saying that there might be a situation where you generally would like to stay in your pajamas, but you need to go outside for one small thing, so why not save yourself some effort and just stay in them? Probably this principle applies in other kinds of situations not related to pj's, for example, have you ever come some place where you have to get into line to do something, and without thinking you get into the longest line, this has happened to me at the bank, but then I notice there was a shorter line I could have gotten into that was more specific to my business.
      Here in the States it's a bit of a fashion in the hiphop or rap music community to wear things inside out so the label shows. It shows creativity to do things differently than before, I think.
      Your pajamas look silly, or just average? If you wait until you get designer and fashion, you may never take advantage of this idea, yeah? But perhaps you must make a judgement as to whether your community would accept this, in my case I made a judgement that mine would (there is a lot of variety of image in the States and unusual images), and I believe my judgement is correct. But what is the tolerance for unusual behavior where you live?
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        Nov 17 2013: Reg. slippers: I got the MC lying for me. She said I had a medical condition making me unable to wear shoes. That didn't suppress a few giggles, mostly from ladies. Fact was, I worked till 3 am that day to make the presentation ready and the program started at 8 am. I slept, showered, put on the regulation suit swearing under the breath and when I was almost half way to office noticed slippers on my feet.

        I was joking about designer and fashion :) But my pajamas do look silly in their stripes and checks. However, mine is a temperate country and 10 months in a year I wear boxer shorts in home with bare upper body. It will be too much for me to go to buy a pack of ciggy in that. Even in India!

        India is vastly different in that matter from the US, I guess. The tolerance for unusual behavior is almost infinite here. So much so, sometimes such unusual-ness is not noticed. In the neighborhood and during night people visit shops, chemists or walk dogs in all sorts of attire. I have seen ladies coming down in a haste in housecoats and gentlemen in pajamas, shorts or lungis. No big deal really.
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          Nov 18 2013: Well, that was good quick thinking to lie about medical condition, Pab. But really, what if you had just been honest, just said you hadn't gotten much sleep and in a bit of a haze put on your slippers? Perhaps the audience would not have condemned you?

          Now you were swearing about putting on the suit? So you don't like your work clothes? This doesn't seem like a good sign.

          Well, it's not a crime to look silly once in a while. If all you ever look is distinguished, it might be quite refreshing mentally to look silly occasionally, and refreshing mentally to the people around you. But you know best, I suppose there are many factors in everything we do, we balance all kinds of needs and desires in each choice.

          Thanks for sharing about India. Of course it's hard for me to say, not having visited. Have you visited United States, how would you compare the two?
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        Nov 18 2013: I was being honest to the necessity of my job, Greg. The audience neither looked nor meant to take me any kindly had I told the truth.
        I hate business suits Greg. In most part my work does not require me to wear formal - it's only those dreaded presentations. It's silly to wear suits and neck-tie in Indian weather. And business suits have no character at all.
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          Nov 18 2013: if you had told it with humor, might they have taken kindly, Pabitra? I have not given many presentations corporate, but I believe in America if you told this story with humor, the audience would be on your side. You might have to add that you were up to 3 AM working, apologize in a humorous way for not having prepared earlier, but I think the audience would be okay here.

          I am sorry you hate the suits, Pabitra, do your fellows agree that they are too hot, perhaps you should ask what they think, if enough people agree perhaps the custom will change.

          As for character, well, of course, you get to choose color and cut of suit, color and cut of shirt, color and pattern of tie, some wear handkerchief. You could perhaps attach a lapel pin, our American presidents are famous for always wearing a little American flag pin on the lapel of their suit.

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