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Is technology really helping us or hurting us?

Now while I agree that technological advancements have empowered us in many ways to create a better way of life, I believe that it can also be detrimental to us.

If you’re an avid user of technology, including smartphones, digital cameras, smart TV’s, mobile apps, computers, the internet and the like, they capture information about individuals that leave them extremely vulnerable to a lack of privacy.

Now a days, private information is just a blanket term for public information as far as I am concerned. What’s really private anymore? Digital footprints are captured in most anything we do.

We are empowered in many ways through technology, but have lost our power on the same note.

The question is have we gone too far?


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  • Nov 9 2013: I'm sure some people thought the same thing when Columbus sailed right off the edge of the flat world and when the caveman learned to use fire or other tools. Tools are just tools, it is up to us to use them to our advantage or disadvantage. You can talk on an iphone or you can throw it at your sister, it up to you. On the same note you can start a war with an iphone or you can bring unimaginable joy to little child or long forgotten relative or friend.

    Christina the beauty is we have a choice and I guess the question you will have to ask yourself is "am I going to do the right thing with the tools I have been given?"

    You have discovered a wonderful tool right here with TED, I hope you use it wisely. Welcome to TED:)

    You will probably meet Colleen and a lot of the wonderful women in here soon... Show her where the bear sleeps Colleen....
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      Nov 9 2013: You are funny Keith.....the bears around here are all in hibernation now....it's getting cold, and they hunker down in their caves for the winter:>)
      • Nov 9 2013: If you ever get lost in a snow storm a bear cave is a nice place to stay for a couple of nights. The heat from the bear will keep you warm and they seldom wake up, however you do not want to be there in the spring when they are done hibernating because they wake up really hungry and guess who's coming for dinner? Speaking of tools...
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          Nov 9 2013: LOL! I used to live near a ridge where bears hibernated, so I'm well aware of HOW they come out of hibernation....we could hear them growling!!!

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