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Will you exchange the peace of mind you get from gardening and get your garden connected online to have more produce?

Why do you Garden?

I'm very fond of farm gardening and I do it for exercise. And to meditate and escape worldly distractions -- including being online or connected. But what if your goal is to produce or have produce? 'Connecting' your garden with online devices will make that easy. More from Lauren Orsini:

'When looking at the latest tools equipped with sensors—automatic watering, “smart soil” and other high-tech gardening gadgets—you might wonder how plants ever flourished under our own care. Here are some of the ways the garden of the future could prosper when left to smart devices.'


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    Nov 11 2013: Hello again Poch:>)
    I garden because I LOVE it all...flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, water plants, tropical plants, etc.:>)
    http://smugdud.smugmug.com/Quintessential%20Vermont )

    I do it for exercise, meditation, creativity, beauty, joy, to leave a good footprint in the space I occupy on this earth, to support my own sustainability and the sustainability of our environment, to provide food for myself and others.

    I don't have any "devices" to help me in the gardens except a shovel and a rake....pretty high tech huh??? LOL:>)
    I have friends and brothers who have helped me with projects.

    I do, however, have friends who have commercial gardens, so they have watering systems, tractors, etc.,and use the internet at times to promote their business. They seem just as content with gardening as I am:>)

    People need to be clear with what we/they want, and once it is clear, we can go for more technology to produce more, and be content with whatever our choice is.....don't you think? I don't perceive it to be exchanging peace of mind if we are clear about what we want to accomplish.
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        Nov 12 2013: Thank you Poch, or Pocholo,
        I am curious to know why you have two accounts. You start conversations under the profile name Poch Peralta, and comment in the conversations with another account under the name Pocholo Peralta. Why?
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          Nov 12 2013: Oh that's no big thing ma'am (Poch is my nickname which I prefer to use).
          That was not intentional but I do that all the time with the major social networks
          and websites (even with Google accounts!). And it's a wonder not one website
          have questioned me thus far! lol So you can imagine why I find it funny you
          were the FIRST to ask me that :-D
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          Nov 12 2013: Hey Colleen. It seems you have an angel's tongue. My 2 'accounts' are now named under Poch!
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        Nov 12 2013: Hey Poch/Pocholo! I guessed that Poch was your nickname:>)
        I am no angel my friend....I am just trying to give you a heads up....that's all.

        At this time, you still have 2 accounts...

        Pocholo Peralta...acct. # http://www.ted.com/profiles/2210743

        Poch Peralta --- acct. # http://www.ted.com/profiles/2144435

        I bring this to your attention, because I think TED discourages the practice of multiple accounts because there has been abuse and misuse with this practice in the past. If the "Conversation Team" says it is ok.....so be it. In the past, at times however, they have deleted one or more of the multiple accounts, and when that happens, your comments under that account are deleted as well. It would be too bad to have you spend time writing comments that may be deleted.
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          Nov 12 2013: First off, thank you for your concern and advice Colleen.
          I said my 2 accounts have merged because at my TED page, both have the name Poch.
          Now I'm not sure if that means OK to TED admin. Do you think I should delete
          my Pocholo account? Or should I ask the TED admin first?
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          Nov 12 2013: I tried to change my profile name to Pocholo but page said my e+mail
          'is already in use by another account', which I think means in use by Poch
          since there's no sign of malware or hacker infection.
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        Nov 13 2013: You are welcome Poch.

        You can ask the TED conversation team what to do....I know they have helped other people with this challenge.

        You only have 13 comments in the "Pocholo" account. How about copying them and replacing the same comments with your "Poch" account before you delete your other account? I'm not sure if deleting an account is that easy.....maybe TED will have to do it?

        Once you have only one account, you can use whichever name you prefer.
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          Nov 13 2013: I've already made contact with support ma'am.
          I will tell you when I get a reply. Thank you again!
  • Nov 11 2013: I would rather have the automatic devices that do the work for me. I think most of us would. Otherwise people would be out tending others' gardens or their own for that matter :)
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      Nov 11 2013: Funny you mentioned that Julius because my dream job is to tend gardens, especially farm gardens (primarily for exercise and sunbath) :-D

      And yes. I would use devices if my goal is to produce fruit. Thanks.
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    Nov 13 2013: Poch,
    It just occurred to me......are you anywhere near the typhoon? Are you and your family safe?