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Will you exchange the peace of mind you get from gardening and get your garden connected online to have more produce?

Why do you Garden?

I'm very fond of farm gardening and I do it for exercise. And to meditate and escape worldly distractions -- including being online or connected. But what if your goal is to produce or have produce? 'Connecting' your garden with online devices will make that easy. More from Lauren Orsini:

'When looking at the latest tools equipped with sensors—automatic watering, “smart soil” and other high-tech gardening gadgets—you might wonder how plants ever flourished under our own care. Here are some of the ways the garden of the future could prosper when left to smart devices.'



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  • Nov 11 2013: I would rather have the automatic devices that do the work for me. I think most of us would. Otherwise people would be out tending others' gardens or their own for that matter :)
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      Nov 11 2013: Funny you mentioned that Julius because my dream job is to tend gardens, especially farm gardens (primarily for exercise and sunbath) :-D

      And yes. I would use devices if my goal is to produce fruit. Thanks.

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