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Should we be self-diagnosing via the internet? Is democratised medicine the future?

Edward Snowden's revelations have shaken our faith in online privacy. But can we trust Google with our health?

The digital era is going to bring about some phenomenal advances in healthcare but there are going to be massive setbacks too - what about hacking of personal medical devices for instance? Or the problems of using the internet for self-diagnosis? I think that the idea that technology can replace doctor or simulate a genuine doctor-patient relationship is absurd. This is something that is talked about very eloquently in the below debate by a psychiatrist called Mark Salter.


What do you think? Will technology every bypass the need to see a physician? Is the internet the future of medicine and is this a good thing? Can we trust the internet for this purpose?

I think not.


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  • Nov 9 2013: Healthcare,

    Think about this.
    The costs involved with healthcare are the same whether or not an Insurance company in involved.
    The collected Premiums necessary to pay for healthcare include a large profit for an Insurance company.

    Less collected Premiums means less payments for healthcare providers.
    Less collected Premiums means less large profits for an Insurance company.

    Since we live in a world where our Congressionally Enabled System of Commerce is based upon
    the adage of "You get what you pay for", and "You got what you paid for.", YOU ARE SCREWED.

    Another lesson learned by electing the Congresses and their accompanying Lobbyists.

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