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Are we too smart for this universe?

Can you think of a better hypothetical universe where the natural laws would be more of a challenge?


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  • Nov 11 2013: Intriguing delimic question.

    My answer is yes and no.

    Especially in the modern era, we have as a species been able to establish and expand a cultural scientific evolution that has enabled us to better understand natural laws and cash in on this knowledge in incredibly diverse ways both individually and collectively.

    This ability to better understand and benefit from what we know has resulted in an ongoing geometric progression in our world human population growth. This in turn taxes us in what it takes to continue to maintain our health and welfare as these increasing numbers drain physical resources that tend to be finite and can produce indirect effects as in the case of fossil fuel consumption, etc, which impacts on our future well being.

    Beyond mystical escapes (alternative universes, time travel, etc.), we as a species are considerably bound by the realities of the environment we inherit and we in turn, affect the future by the trust we assume in how we live our lives. So in that sense it may prove out that along with having smarts, it equally important to realize smarts (especially clever overly self serving smarts) isn't all that is necessary for what future generations would consider a desirable legacy. A legacy that should be accountable for responsible self constraining behavior to help insure a bright future to those we reproduce.

    Let's face it being "too smart" can be described with reverse meanings in this context.

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